Jack Ma’s Secrets to Success

If you're not making mistakes, you're doing something wrong, according to Jack Ma, the billionaire chairman of technology conglomerate Alibaba. 🔑

Jack Ma’s Secrets to Success

Jack Ma founded the Chinese company Alibaba and became a billionaire. Jack Ma hit the big pay day when his Chinese business-to-business start-up,, went public. Ma, 43, grew up during China's Cultural Revolution. He taught himself English, then caught the Internet wave as China's economy opened in the 1990s.

Jack Ma is one of the world’s wealthiest empowering entrepreneurs today and inspires those around him while changing the world. Once living in poverty, he survived by guiding tourists, Ma left nothing to chance to rise above his humble condition and achieve success. One of the first steps he took in this regard was to improve his communication skills by learning English. Jack was one of the first few individuals who saw the internet as a business opportunity even at a time when the rest of the world didn’t believe in his thoughts.

After starting his first venture using just $20000, the entrepreneur earned around $800,000 in only three years. However, it is the e-commerce-based venture, ‘Alibaba’, which he founded in the early 2000s that catapulted this entrepreneur to global prominence. The income earned by the firm has helped him reach the pinnacle of success and made him the richest influencers in China. He even co-founded a few other similar ventures which were also successful at finding great solutions; one of these was the e-commerce website called ‘Taobao’. Jack has also been a recipient of many awards over the years; a few of these comprise of featuring in world-renowned publications such as ‘Forbes’, ‘Time’ and others.

Here’s his secret to success…


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    You speak about money not about happiness for you family and kids !!! You think only about money! That mean you person without love and soul !

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    11/25/2019 06:41

    Dear Jack Ma, I hope you are reading this. I am currently suffering depression right now due to unintentional mistakes I have committed. Seeing you while sharing your thoughts, secrets and different philosophies in life has contributed something on me. It gained me courage to conquer my fear. It strengthened my will to pursue. It stimulated my brain to gain more wisdom. Thank you for imparting these all.

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    I always wonder how u got success(Money) Now I believe in luck. Thank for all the employers for rejecting him from jobs. What a farsighted employee.

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