Jane Goodall interview for Brut

Jane Goodall spent her whole life observing and defending wildlife. She's now 84 and hasn't stopped fighting to save the planet. Here is her message of hope...

09/12/2018 6:29 AM
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  • Khalfan K.
    11/14/2019 03:44

    Can I have this please ?? Sent through ma WhatsApp no.

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  • Marie-Eve S.
    01/08/2019 15:54

    au cas où tu l’as pas encore vu 😉

  • Kay C.
    11/01/2018 07:52

    She’s wonderful

  • Anna B.
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  • Sally A.
    10/18/2018 17:44

    Wonderful lady This needs to be shown in all the schools colleges & in the work place 😊❤️👍

  • Margit H.
    09/21/2018 14:10

    great woman, respect and hat down ❤️

  • Bev J.
    09/21/2018 03:29

    She sure is.... every so often some one like Jane comes along....

  • Vonia H.
    09/20/2018 22:00

    Thank you Jane Goodall. You are a true inspiration to us all. We will never give up.❤️

  • Javier P.
    09/20/2018 04:19

    There is a form of balance that humanity was created to bring for a purpose Löen Bjordahl... I wrote about this on my second book!

  • Ashley S.
    09/19/2018 04:37

    Please tag and

  • Isa T.
    09/19/2018 03:45

    Has visto el doc de natgeo amore? Es increíble!!

  • Luci B.
    09/19/2018 02:46

    this ❤️

  • Vee Z.
    09/18/2018 22:15

    Love how she speaks, makes me really want to listen!!💕 🐵 🐅 🦒

  • Georgia M.
    09/18/2018 13:50

    Every time I see her I think of that Simpson’s episode when the Jane Goodall character secretly runs an illegal diamond mine with her chimp slaves under the guise of a sanctuary. 😂

  • Bruce B.
    09/18/2018 10:58

    Not to change the subject. No, i just watched netflix last nite. A documentary on Peru. So much to learn. I remember seeing a vhs tape. A talk w/ koko. A gorilla that learned to sign. I heard not too long ago that she had died. It broke my heart. If you get the chance watch it. Thank you june ashburn for the reminder of how we all need to keep this world in our prayers. And teach other the importance of embracing and protecting all life on this planet

  • Shirley T.
    09/18/2018 06:41

    A few days ago I had lunch in the garden of a pub and was amazed to discover that the tables and benches were made from recycled plastic bottles. If I go there again I will take a note of the company who made them as much more could be done with plastic waste.

  • Colleen L.
    09/18/2018 00:38

    Absolutely, thanks for sharing.

  • AndySuzy L.
    09/17/2018 22:08

    She is brilliant!!!

  • Captured I.
    09/17/2018 18:25

    🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 we need more people like her