Javier Bardem calls to protect the Antarctic ocean

He went on a mission to explore the depths of the Antarctic waters. There, he realized how fragile our oceans are. Javier Bardem tells us what he saw.

03/23/2018 3:00 PM
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  • Cath S.
    03/30/2018 13:22

    Fantastic. I disagree with Jason P because a lot of people listen to celebrities and follow them, so they can get the message across to thousands or even millions of people.

  • Valérie L.
    03/30/2018 13:14

    le jumeau de bae

  • Ivan O.
    03/30/2018 00:06

    It’s Salazar, salazar!

  • Viktor P.
    03/29/2018 12:42

    captain SALAZAR!!!!!

  • Ashley M.
    03/29/2018 06:25


  • Jeff G.
    03/29/2018 04:17

    It’s not negan. And for the love of fuck. Stop the Japanese from slaughtering 300 endangered whales every year and destroying 100’s of years of eco-diversity in the Antarctic,,, calling it research. Like. It’s bullshit. No one cares ,,, even after the European Union banned whaling in the Antarctic sanctuary,the Japanese said that no one tells them what to do and went down anyway and killed they’re quota,, sea shepherd was banned from interfering, because they were the only ones who done anything,,, ever!!! So spare me the whining. Get off your ass and make a statement.ive signed online petitions. They don’t do shit unless you have millions of signatures and even then you need someone in power to stand up to the higher power. End rant

  • Kyle R.
    03/29/2018 02:50

    Fukashima is the reason why the oceans are dieing

  • Alberto M.
    03/29/2018 02:17


  • John P.
    03/29/2018 01:09

    Capitan Salazaar is off to save the world's oceans.

  • Chantal L.
    03/28/2018 21:17

    Wow 😲 I thought he was Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Negan).

  • Robyn R.
    03/28/2018 13:31

    Can u put the link somewhere for ppl and like bookmark it or whatever so it stays a the top?

  • Kasia J.
    03/28/2018 09:37

    dobrze ulokowalam uczucia 😍😉

  • David L.
    03/27/2018 23:11

    Just send him into the summit and ask them “heads or it”

  • Scott M.
    03/27/2018 19:14

    Ironically he can’t shut up talking about how he loves silence? 🤣🤣🤣

  • Anderson S.
    03/27/2018 18:28

    So after Skyfall Silva gained a new appreciation for saving the oceans. 007: Waterfall. Coming to a theater near you.

  • Elfy H.
    03/27/2018 17:19


  • Chris D.
    03/27/2018 12:07

    Captain Salazar lol

  • Corey S.
    03/27/2018 11:25

    Just another plot to keep people away from the ice wall.

  • Anthony S.
    03/27/2018 11:16

    It’s nice when your rich

  • Joshua K.
    03/27/2018 08:53

    The fuck cares if Javier went in the ocean?