John Lewis on voter suppression

Civil rights activist John Lewis has a powerful message about voter suppression.

11/03/2018 5:01 PM


  • Korey C.
    11/06/2018 00:40

    1870.... that was the year

  • Abd-Elrahman H.
    11/04/2018 18:15

    I guess this paradox will last for some coming years untill those who talk about liberation realize this

  • Pradeep M.
    11/04/2018 02:39

    These so called white Americans suppress the rights of natives and other colors ...and they talk of liberation and starts war on other nation just to satisfy the thirst of money ....first liberate people of your own place where you are living..... Prevail humanity and rights

  • Hal F.
    11/03/2018 21:45

    Vote blue.

  • Tim L.
    11/03/2018 18:09

    The whites are always suppressing black of their rights. I see it through my slanted eyes, which whites called them.