• Glenn B.
    02/16/2017 15:36

    Brian Delk

  • Kevin D.
    02/15/2017 14:56


  • Arthur P.
    02/15/2017 08:06

    When your vibrator broke so you have to improvise

  • Leydi C.
    02/15/2017 04:10

    Pierce Bennett

  • Sharee P.
    02/15/2017 03:03

    😂 we just talked about this

  • Hamo J.
    02/15/2017 02:37


  • Edward G.
    02/14/2017 21:28

    If you guys understood the power of a handshake it's the very first presence of each other's energy. The way Trump pull you in slightly knocks you of balance and then he turns his hand over. It's a sign of letting you know who is in charge. But in public eye after the meeting if he is pleased he then gives his hand palm up a sign of submisivnes the Pat at the end reminds him I'm still boss though.

  • Eddie A.
    02/14/2017 21:13

    Alma Fausto 😂 mendigo perro 🐶 hahahaha

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