Keeping Up with Sean Spicer's press conference

Keeping Up with Sean Spicer A lot happened in his last press briefing: from someone napping to a contradiction of a previous statement, we covered it all!

06/13/2017 8:10 PM
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  • Miguel P.
    06/13/2017 21:45

    ...backtracking begins once again

  • Jamie C.
    06/13/2017 22:35

    you need to like this page😋

  • Armando H.
    06/13/2017 23:36

    Would you be willing to speak under oath? So you're saying he is not willing to speak to Congress? How do those questions mean the same thing??

  • Mikey R.
    06/14/2017 00:26

    This administration is a freaking in joke.... I feel bad for the USA 😞

  • Adav Z.
    06/14/2017 07:23

    so you cut clips cherry picking.. people do your own research and dont base your assumptions on quick video clips. go read some articles and compare different sides you MIGHT learn something.....

  • Windy W.
    06/14/2017 16:35

    Media 0ppppppppppppppp!!!!!!!!