Low-tech initiatives: Providing villages with water without using any electricity

Many villages in the Philippines don't have access to drinking water. But this team has found a way to address this. Thanks to a 200-year-old system and with no electricity.

10/15/2019 6:50 AM


  • Generoso V.
    07/12/2020 05:28

    ka bright hahaha

  • Generoso V.
    07/12/2020 05:20

    aliennnnn hahaha

  • Jawaid A.
    05/14/2020 10:18

    Great..Simple system.

  • Mahmudul H.
    11/01/2019 01:13


  • Pete M.
    10/31/2019 02:27


  • Chinito R.
    10/30/2019 17:17

    Look at this

  • Jay A.
    10/30/2019 01:07

    pakita mo ke papa

  • Boynova T.
    10/28/2019 05:11

    Is he a French guy? Our sincere appreciation for featuring this ingenious design being used by Filipinos living in remote, mountainous areas!

  • Suresh K.
    10/28/2019 02:04

    It is available in india

  • Zenen S.
    10/27/2019 02:42

    Ka remember ko ingun ani g buhat sa imo papa

  • Raffy V.
    10/27/2019 00:47

    I am more than elated to watch this video highlighting the Pilipino ingenuity. We work on what we can afford. We use simple tools and simple ways to make things happen. Brut nature, you made me smile from ear to ear! Ye hey, some good news from our country.

  • Alfeo R.
    10/27/2019 00:26


  • Raff W.
    10/26/2019 11:32

    Can you please teach us so i can help my villager.

  • Raff W.
    10/26/2019 11:31

    Woow amazing how sir.

  • Joy T.
    10/26/2019 03:43

    how this works?

  • Kuya O.
    10/24/2019 03:52

    thanks for your work. wish politics here don't use the idea for their own benifits. Every islands here in the Philippines are rich in water. but government doesn't make the right actions.

  • Riaz S.
    10/23/2019 08:47

    RAM pump

  • Hanamant B.
    10/23/2019 04:54

    Old is gold

  • Emil S.
    10/23/2019 02:15

    En Sudamérica se llama bomba de ariete.

  • Pinuela C.
    10/23/2019 00:21

    tagal gina gamit ng pinsan ko sa matutum yang rampump siya lng gumawa.... mga lapas na 10yrs na and counting...