Meet the laughing kookaburra

[Sound on 🔔] Do you recognize this call? It's been used in many movies as a background sound for jungle scenes. Meet the little bird behind it.

06/09/2020 7:04 AM


  • Prakash S.
    08/19/2020 01:58


  • Aroti B.
    08/17/2020 16:47

    Wow amazing

  • Glenn B.
    08/16/2020 20:20

    I feed 8 of them every morning as well as 2 Magpies and 2 crows

  • Alison M.
    08/15/2020 14:30

    So interesting.

  • Robert P.
    08/15/2020 12:29

    Where I live in south Western Australia, its the first sound you hear in the morning and the last sound in the evening. another thing about the kookaburra is, they have the tinniest feet for a bird that size. 🙂🙃

  • Le T.
    08/15/2020 03:09

    There are a few hanging out on power line in front of my house. One day as I walked home I saw a long ‘string’ hanging from the claws... as I get closer, the kookaburra was wacking a 1/2m or so snake against the power pole to kill and possibly tenderize the meat before gobbling it down the hatchet! 😜

  • Kevin L.
    08/15/2020 00:30

    if chopper was a bird

  • Nory R.
    08/14/2020 20:06

    Very interesting!!

  • Wayne W.
    08/14/2020 19:55


  • Ariel F.
    08/14/2020 18:29


  • Mazen S.
    08/14/2020 18:29

    Wonderful ♥

  • Christo A.
    08/14/2020 18:20


  • Harez A.
    08/14/2020 18:18


  • Elizabeth B.
    07/18/2020 08:18


  • Nory R.
    07/17/2020 17:30

    Thanks do much for the information!!!

  • Colin N.
    07/17/2020 13:52

    Thyey would drive me mad laughing whilr I tried to fix something,or fell over.

  • Elizabeth H.
    07/17/2020 11:08

    Awesome 😎

  • Tee T.
    07/17/2020 10:05

    *shows picture of the kookaburra Then proceeds to say "and no, it's not a monkey. It's not even a mammal" Yeah of course duh! We all know kookaburras are a special type of fish with the ability to breathe through skin, that's why they can survive on land for hours. And when they're out of the water, they make that laughing sound.

  • Kevin B.
    07/17/2020 09:53

    Awesome bird

  • Nelson L.
    07/17/2020 09:07

    Our own heritage!!!

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