Mr. Rogers vs. President Trump

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood — for "losers"? President Trump and the late Mr. Rogers have very perspectives on how to treat others.

04/08/2018 1:27 PMupdated: 09/24/2019 5:38 PM
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  • Jack M.
    04/09/2018 19:02

    Your daily assault on Donald Trump is so cringeworthy. Instead of commenting on the job he’s doing you insist on personally attacking him day after day, precisely what you criticise him for. The hypocrisy of you libtards knows no bounds

  • Amanda S.
    04/09/2018 19:05

    Hate Donald trump

  • Joe C.
    04/09/2018 19:08

    Trump once said he'd give America the smartest people in his administration but facts checked the oval office is full of criminals groomed and appointed by Trump himself , what a disgusting lying fool...

  • Christina T.
    04/09/2018 19:12

    I was just telling some folks we need more Mr. Rogers on t.v. I miss his show so much

  • Mohammed W.
    04/09/2018 19:23

    Mr. Rogers had the most beautiful lessons

  • Israel C.
    04/09/2018 19:33

    Trump is no Mr. Rogers

  • Jean A.
    04/09/2018 19:35

    I'll take Mr Rogers any time

  • Richard G.
    04/09/2018 19:40

    Be like Mr Rogers not like spank'y

  • Cathy D.
    04/09/2018 20:04

    Obviously trump is speaking about himself and his administration- babies and losers

  • Vera B.
    04/09/2018 20:16

    Looking in the mirror, and talking to your self trump

  • Charlotte O.
    04/09/2018 20:29

    Trump has said that his favorite Bible verse is: An Eye for an Eye...

  • Brut
    04/09/2018 21:37

    Find out how Mister Rogers' Neighborhood took a stand against violence, intolerance, racism

  • Stephanie P.
    04/09/2018 22:29

    "very perspectives"? Or "very different perspectives"?

  • Victoria A.
    04/09/2018 23:05

    “ a babies and they are losers “ sounds like you . oik

  • Barbara B.
    04/10/2018 00:38

    I guess DT never watched Mr Rogers with his children.

  • Francisco A.
    04/10/2018 00:49

    this hole video is stupid , Why not Sait Teresa vs Bush ?. Same idea. This is just a waste of time

  • Bruce Y.
    04/10/2018 01:47

    Less fox fake news more MR ROGERS!

  • Bruce W.
    04/10/2018 01:50

    I guess the majority of people don't know Mr Rogers real life before he became Mister nice. Let's just say he could kill,you in less than 5 Seconds in about 15 different ways. It was that past that made him who we all know.

  • Gail L.
    04/10/2018 04:01

    I love Mr. Rogers now and forever! The other guy, you can have him if you want...but I don't like him at all.

  • Andres S.
    04/10/2018 04:49

    Trump is funnier and provide us all with great memes, <3