North Korea testing missiles for years

North Korea has been testing missiles for decades. Donald Trump has been commenting on them for years.

09/04/2017 5:09 PM
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  • Ava M.
    10/07/2017 14:27

    Getting you out of that office

  • Trix M.
    09/08/2017 01:23

    ça touche pas nyc C bon oklm

  • Matt R.
    09/05/2017 14:06

    I had no idea how big Mattis's ears were

  • Terell T.
    09/05/2017 12:17

    I do not support trump. But Maybe if we would've listen to trump 20 years ago we wouldn't have this problem. He literally said dont y'all think we need to negotiate before it becomes a bigger problem..... well look what we have here now lol.

  • Tay N.
    09/05/2017 06:33

    Time to liberate North Korea

  • Shane D.
    09/05/2017 02:27

    Here comes the fake attack on some random country. Which, in a couple years or less, will be found out to be perpetrated by our very own u.s., but in turn, after the first event, provoking a lot of americans into saying, "lets just take them all out" making it okay to bomb them or start another war.. Which is not okay. How about we find out whats really going on. Figure out why they're testing bombs and why they'd use them.. Hatred for another chunk of dirt with another group of people on it doesnt come from being very smart and doesnt need to end with hundreds of thousands or millions of innocent lives. Period

  • Chris V.
    09/05/2017 00:52

    Seems the fag is obsessed lol

  • Reese W.
    09/04/2017 23:27

    Qelp he's the president now and has still done nothing about this issue

  • Steve M.
    09/04/2017 23:02

    Trump supporters still trying to defend trump by talkin down on Hillary or Obama.. they don't realize we don't give a fucc about that.. we just don't want trump to do any more damage or get every one.. even his supporters killed

  • Jon G.
    09/04/2017 22:25

    So N.K vs US, who yall got?

  • Mike T.
    09/04/2017 22:01

    Trump isn't unfit to be president he sounded a lot smarter back then. (Completing full sentences at least) this Trump you see today is old and literally senile

  • David E.
    09/04/2017 21:57

    North Korea has been threatening the US with when they get a missile that can go that far they will hit us

  • Keith C.
    09/04/2017 21:45

    Says the guy who love peepee showers from hookers.

  • Jean M.
    09/04/2017 21:26

    The West coast better start asking their President some hard questions...

  • Johnathan R.
    09/04/2017 19:18

    Remember When Donald Trump told everyone that Hillary Clinton would lead us to World War 3

  • Steve M.
    09/04/2017 19:17

    Donald ... just stfu before u get us killed.. lord know you'll be on vacation while we get bombed

  • Ian A.
    09/04/2017 18:44

    listen david slayed goliath....we never defeated korea technically so the bad blood will be eternal. i say that to say this....korea knows itll be destroyed and thats whats perplexing the united states...only a good chess player can really map out this outcome...sacrifices lead to victories!!!! who is will to die for the honor of this country or that country, that is the question...and kim jung has nothing to lose. this is chess NOT checkers.....also take in mind ....we're being told this country allegedly has these weapons and capabilities 🤔 but this is the same country and media who fed you the lies of weapons of mass destruction just to get country approval for an invasion. how come we only get fed 1 come So.korea is never discussed?? 🤔is this bc there is some type of bias going on? be mindful ppl ....analyze and realize the trickery of the devil

  • JM S.
    09/04/2017 17:50

    Thank you Trump!

  • Jorge L.
    09/04/2017 17:31

    trump is the wrong leader for this is safe under his administration.

  • Robby P.
    09/04/2017 17:25

    And still ain't going to do anything but talk many more years to come. .