Orient Express: Journey of a Legend

Designed for the wealthy, these tracks once took passengers on an iconic journey across Europe, venturing into untamed regions in record time. This is the story of the Orient Express. 🚂🌲 An ARTE documentary.

03/14/2019 3:04 PM


  • Drew M.
    03/31/2019 15:32

    I thought it's still used today. I even wanted to ride it!

  • Amna A.
    03/25/2019 06:40

    we should at least go on this🤣

  • Subarna D.
    03/19/2019 14:15

    Let's hope someone some day it will run again.

  • Lenell S.
    03/18/2019 15:50


  • Becamama M.
    03/14/2019 17:07


  • Brut nature
    03/14/2019 13:12

    The documentary « Orient Express: Journey of a Legend» will be broadcasted on TV channel on Saturday, March 16, at 8.50 pm French time: