Paintings Highlight the Pay Gap in the Art World

These women artists are showing how wide the pay gap is in the art world by only painting part of their canvases — and you get what you pay for. 🎨

Women artists have created partially-completed paintings to protest the gender pay gap.

Art gap, as the name suggests, is based on a gap and that gap is about the gender pay gap, that unfortunately exists in the art world — as well as everywhere else. Female artists are paid 47.6% less than their male counterparts for the same amount of work, which was quite shocking. 19 women artists from 11 countries participated in the Art Gap exhibition in Dubai.

Batool Jafri, the curator for this event is committed to raising awareness for the underprivileged and encouraging their inclusion in society, featuring these themes in her art and through efforts at the grassroot. She is a vocal supporter of the emerging Muslim art movement, encouraging Muslim youth to take up art as a means of self-expression. Jafri continues to collaborate with other artists to lend her voice to important social issues, ranging from the state of women in Egyptian prisons to animal rights offences in Africa.

All the paintings that are featured in the exhibit, have been painted only on 52.6% of the canvas. Research shows women in the art industry get paid 47.6% less than their male counterparts which coincides with the overall message to fight gender wage gaps.

"This is how much you're paying for, although the work is an entire canvas, but you're paying for this much. And hopefully, the idea is, not to have like, there is no gender war going on here, because we're happy for our male counterparts to get what they do, we just want to be paid the same."

These artists want to take the campaign everywhere and in every industry. Because not only in the art world, but in every field, there's gender inequality between men and women.