Pizza recipe, a lockdown special

Good news! You can use all that's left in your fridge to make a delicious homemade pizza. Here's how. 🍕 A new sustainable recipe by Écotable

04/21/2020 10:24 AM


  • Mike S.
    04/24/2020 12:22

    Horrible , discusting AF🚨🤢 Way Too Much Oil That “ Dough “ it doesnt seem more than a child’s play slime to me ! Alright , I’ll make u pizza in 3 days , see ya ! WTF 😒

  • Nicholas C.
    04/22/2020 20:52


  • Nicholas C.
    04/22/2020 20:52

    Looks good

  • So M.
    04/22/2020 10:31

    Guys before criticizing please take note that this is the recipe of the authentic and traditional homemade « pizza in teglia ». So YES it takes time if you want a pizza tasty and avoid any digestion issue. We should all show some respect for the people giving their time to share with us their recipes during this hard period of lockdown.

  • Daniela K.
    04/22/2020 10:27

    I prepare the dough in the morning and it's perfect for Pizza Dinner! Also if you have a stand mixer knead it for 20 minutes - makes it much more fluffy...

  • Peter B.
    04/22/2020 07:38

    kender du det der, når man craver pizza, og lige skynder sig at bruge et helt døgn på dejen?😂❤️

  • Rochane T.
    04/22/2020 06:47

    this guy needs to come visit you 👍

  • JAlis S.
    04/22/2020 01:12

    Me eating this pizza in 2021:-

  • Alexandra P.
    04/21/2020 22:50

    - does anyone want pizza? - Yes! - Allright! Wash your hands, after tomorrow it will be ready! -euhmm i better order dominos pizza.. - damn right! Not going to spend 2 days on dough!

  • Natasha V.
    04/21/2020 22:43

    One liter of olive oil and half a day later the dough's ready .. Tada!

  • Dora D.
    04/21/2020 19:40

    aj pogledaj ovo wtf. prvo, treba ti 2 dana da ju napravis. drugo, tolko se digne da ju nemos nazvat pizzom, nego kruhom s paradajz sosom i mozzarelom. ulja 20 grama wtf 😂

  • Edii B.
    04/21/2020 18:35

    kad nam pravis po ovome receptu 😂 😂 😂

  • Domen D.
    04/21/2020 14:47

    When frenchman do italian pizza. Thats not even close to italian sltyle. Yeast 3gr? Lol. Thats for 2 kilos. Baked for half hour??? Are you insane?????

  • Omar A.
    04/21/2020 13:46

    He didn't even seem like he enjoyed that much 🤦‍♂️

  • Cecelia A.
    04/21/2020 12:58

    Cant deal....too much olive oil 🤦‍♀️

  • Angela T.
    04/21/2020 12:12

    Nossa senhora, tempo demais, azeite demais, pra 4 pedaços? Ta doido? 😅

  • Hesham I.
    04/21/2020 12:11

    The quarantine will end before the pizza is ready

  • Tim N.
    04/21/2020 12:02


  • Laura D.
    04/21/2020 11:56

    Um, no. WAY too much prep & too little reward!

  • Alice S.
    04/21/2020 11:46

    "don't be afraid to replace the mozzarella with other cheeses" looool

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