• Nevin S.
    11/29/2018 23:27

    this counters the leftist lies of the MSM

  • Saleh A.
    11/29/2018 18:51

    you are very Big liar like your friend Trump

  • Joey Y.
    11/29/2018 13:26


  • Nathan A.
    11/28/2018 15:36

    Suck that sugar cane out his stick Sean....keep sucking real good

  • Sebastian T.
    11/28/2018 14:29

    American leases no like pr trump

  • SeeSai C.
    11/28/2018 03:36

    Get on your knees Sean Hannity you know what to do 🍆💦💦

  • Raquel R.
    11/27/2018 19:49

    Sean Hannity wants to cut Trump open and slide inside him like he's a Tauntaun (for u non Star Wars people- google it . empire strikes back)

  • Franko P.
    11/27/2018 19:09

    Give the man a napkin/tissue 💥😆😂

  • Ishaq K.
    11/27/2018 18:55

    what do you have to say for this

  • Khôi T.
    11/27/2018 15:18

    Place :*has random immigrant problem* Trump : *slaps a wall on it*

  • Jim Y.
    11/27/2018 11:40

    All started by Obama

  • Engy H.
    11/27/2018 11:33

    احمد موسى، ايز ذيس يو؟

  • Brian P.
    11/27/2018 11:21

    It's contagious

  • Jamal C.
    11/27/2018 10:12

    They be grabbing each other by the,you know what

  • Michael C.
    11/27/2018 08:48

    Do you want to live in a country that isn’t run by a mad man? How about free universal health care with no preexisting obstacles? We can help you realize this dream. How? Through the retirement resident visa which involves having an income of 25560 euro a year or more and 6390 for each additional family member to be able to retire to Spain. move2madrid dot com

  • Court C.
    11/27/2018 05:23

    110% correct on all his facts!! ONLY Man on tv and radio I trust for the truth. I've tried and tried to doubt him in the beginning- but he is right about Everything he says! He's done his homework for YOU!!!

  • أبو ف.
    11/27/2018 04:12

    صحتين عليك القرف اللى بتحبه

  • Joe H.
    11/27/2018 04:06

    PUTIN'S JEALOUS if hannity is smart he won't get in the way of PUTIN'S manipulation of the PUPPET STRINGS.... .

  • Oscar A.
    11/27/2018 01:39

    I call him daddy :3

  • Shawn P.
    11/26/2018 23:49

    Kinda like Don lemon wants to blow Obama.

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