• Ryan P.
    03/10/2017 13:32

    LMAO 😂😂 This shit is hilarious. "We got women playing golf and tennis now. They're everywhere, it's out of control"

  • Karen S.
    03/09/2017 17:28


  • Pachoua P.
    03/09/2017 17:23

    Wow disgusting. America is at the saddest point of their existence.

  • Danielle B.
    03/09/2017 14:08

    Lmfao "iron my shirt" my hero

  • Tanya D.
    03/09/2017 12:55


  • Shay I.
    03/09/2017 11:03

    And the audience cheers. Like wtf

  • Angela L.
    03/09/2017 03:21

    this makes me mad

  • Vilde A.
    03/09/2017 02:09

    the start

  • Justin E.
    03/09/2017 00:02

    If sexism is so "alive and well", why could you only scrounge together three JOKES, one comment from Trump that is literally from the year I was BORN (seriously, I hate Trump, but this is the best you can find?), and one comment about Hillary's voice, not even her gender?

  • Montana W.
    03/08/2017 23:12

    Bruh makes me sick

  • Rebecca V.
    03/08/2017 22:31

    Yup and now we are stuck with feminazis...

  • Brandy S.
    03/08/2017 20:34


  • Lis C.
    03/08/2017 20:00

    Because deep inside they know we r better at everything n we don't have to try as hard as they do!!!No longer in the shadows of other's always at the forefront!!!!...