• Danii E.
    05/31/2017 18:46

    Lmao!!! Good job Melissa Mccarty!!!...... ohhhh wait, this is the "real" spicey!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Brandon P.
    05/31/2017 19:20

    He's the best messager. He doesn't contribute, he just relays the message

  • Jeff R.
    05/31/2017 19:22

    Really, then why am I yawning?

  • Jiwon H.
    05/31/2017 19:31

    this is keeping me awake

  • Becky H.
    05/31/2017 19:37

    So historical!

  • Abby M.
    05/31/2017 20:00


  • Eddie P.
    05/31/2017 21:02


  • Robert D.
    05/31/2017 21:57

    what a very Trumpian way of handling that press conference

  • Duchess S.
    05/31/2017 22:07

    I look forward to watching Sean Spider like a series.... He's famous now. 😂😂😂😊😊

  • Racquel R.
    05/31/2017 22:13

    you are so welcome (in advance) lol

  • Delroy B.
    05/31/2017 22:36

    You lie a dead dog Sean

  • Pascal J.
    05/31/2017 22:43

    What's his problem with people shaking their head?

  • Kimberly N.
    05/31/2017 22:58

    He is an idiot talking for an idiot. I do not know why I watch these anymore.

  • Jemel S.
    05/31/2017 23:04

    How does this dude even have a job rotflmao

  • Luis P.
    05/31/2017 23:19


  • Justin D.
    05/31/2017 23:57

    How do I get brut off my feed... or is this a Facebook thing

  • Everardo P.
    06/01/2017 00:12

    haha told you hes an idiot haha he makes me laugh everytimes hes up there.

  • Alex S.
    06/01/2017 00:19

    I mean, I feel bad for Spicer. He has 2 jobs, give out the briefings, and make Trump look good. It's like, he gets through the first half of his job literally doing EVERYTHING he can to make the President look capable and good for this country, as he is paid to do, and than the press asks him questions that makes the President look stupid or foolish, and he's like "FUCK!". I mean, have you ever been tasked with a really hard task at work and then you keep running into more and more roadblocks that just make it even harder, or impossible? I'd be frustrated with an adittude too!

  • Ethan S.
    06/01/2017 00:27

    such a universally praised trip

  • Anne V.
    06/01/2017 00:35

    🌶 sassy spicey