• Mathew R.
    07/08/2017 08:34


  • Jen N.
    07/03/2017 15:27

    Keep up the good work, dude. Maybe find a way to destroy them without totaling your car.

  • Tom C.
    07/03/2017 02:28

    Booby trap the next ten, and blow that guy to hell

  • Omar S.
    07/01/2017 16:46

    Can we please give this man a medal

  • Tom C.
    07/01/2017 16:12

    Good job

  • Ben O.
    07/01/2017 01:19

    Hi I'm a Christian would anyone here like to follow the ten rules some dead guy wrote so you don't burn in hell........... I'm kidding people

  • Cassidy J.
    07/01/2017 00:41

    put "serial ten commandment monument destroyer" on my tombstone

  • Mark G.
    06/30/2017 22:49

    I cant stand the ten comandments they'r soo possesive on our freedom ...dispite the lie of religions i would do the same like that american hero

  • Brandy V.
    06/30/2017 22:35


  • Loretta T.
    06/30/2017 18:23

    To Drew Moorman yes in the written constitution church snd state is separate but God above is the creator and ruler

  • Patrick I.
    06/30/2017 18:23


  • Wayne K.
    06/30/2017 17:51

    Thou shalt not run over monuments

  • Eric M.
    06/30/2017 17:45

    Not to rile up any people but on states do have the right to put up monuments and most Christian/Judaic and even the Islam faith do actually observe the Ten Commandments.

  • Eric M.
    06/30/2017 17:38

    Well somebody hates religion.

  • Austin M.
    06/30/2017 16:43

    Pos scumbag

  • Thaddeus Y.
    06/30/2017 16:21

    Michael Reed Hero

  • Thaddeus Y.
    06/30/2017 16:20

    Haha this man is a Hero

  • Arcelia S.
    06/30/2017 14:43


  • Joel R.
    06/30/2017 14:21

    I wish some people got this upset when a mosque gets vandalized or burned down. Your God can suck my balls.

  • Kyle L.
    06/30/2017 11:18

    Tyler Bellerose

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