• Catina C.
    08/29/2018 18:53


  • Sanjay S.
    08/19/2018 06:21


  • Catherine T.
    08/18/2018 19:42

    God gave us such beautiful things too bad we destroy everything that god gave us men sure didn’t gave us this god did very beautiful too bad about Global warning ⚠️

  • Artur H.
    08/15/2018 08:01

    Want to visit there

  • Khouloud G.
    08/13/2018 16:04


  • Pradhosh M.
    08/10/2018 04:07

    Ecosystem is threatened....stop going there and destroying it

  • Babur S.
    08/05/2018 15:24

    I want to live there permanently

  • Judy R.
    08/04/2018 23:59

    I'm sorry Bryce I know how to spell your name but my phone keeps changing it!

  • Judy R.
    08/04/2018 23:58

    I hope all of you my friends have added this..just to eye opening to miss..places we will never get to visit...well with the exception of Linda and Bruce...and I hope they get to go to some so I can see the pictures!

  • Anna F.
    08/04/2018 23:25

    Stunning.. :-)

  • Emi O.
    08/04/2018 16:53

    tu súmum

  • Martine L.
    08/04/2018 11:41

    WTF is the army doing there if it's a National Park? I understand the 'study stations' but the army....