The Chocolate Hills are a geological oddity

The Philippines is home to a geological wonder: over a thousand mounds stretching as far as the eye can see. Welcome to the Chocolate Hills.

01/19/2020 7:39 AM
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  • Daisuki S.
    7 hours

    proud to be pilipino ❤❤ thanks for representing the philippines

  • Michael M.
    10 hours

    I love me some Filipino creamy , coming in shorts and quarts....

  • Je R.
    10 hours

    Who build them??? Aliens

  • George T.
    11 hours

    Pre ice age civilizations. I wish we knew more about them. History is a lot different than the main line they push.

  • Chuck M.
    12 hours

    have seen these?

  • James A.
    13 hours

    Been there ! Done that!!

  • Ardel T.
    15 hours

    Bucket list...

  • Morten E.
    18 hours

    ?. Hvordan går det?

  • Angela D.
    21 hours

    suggerimenti per visite😘

  • Joanne Y.
    a day

    , ❤️

  • Hecate I.
    a day

    Another legend tell that the hills formed because of giant's dung

  • Carolina K.
    a day

    Very nice.

  • Alfred A.
    a day

    Wow thank god my Island's Nature wonder was recognize by Brut nature❤️❤️ We have more to visit here in Bohol.

  • Reynald E.
    a day

    Proudly from the philippines❤️

  • Sanjay S.
    a day

    take me there 🤩🤩

  • Tomclar E.
    a day

    Unmatched uniqueness. Awesome.

  • Shehryar K.
    a day

    Dragon Eggs 😂

  • Robyn M.
    a day

    Puts a whole new prospective to the word mound 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂