The Life of Justin Bieber

It's 2020, and Justin Bieber is back in full swing. This is his life story.

Looking to score another number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart

He came back to music 4 years after his last album, long considered as the brat of pop, he is a devout believer, member of the Hillsong Church, this is Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber was born in 1994 in Canada and grew up alongside his mother, who was only 18 years old when she gave birth. As a child, he learned guitar, piano and trumpet on his own before taking drum lessons. At 13, encouraged by his mother, he posted his first cover videos on YouTube. He was quickly spotted by the agent Scooter Braun who introduced him to Usher and enabled him to land his first contract.

In 2009, his debut album "My World" ranked No. 1 in sales in Canada and No. 6 in the United States

His single "Baby" made him an international star. At 15, he was invited for the first time at the White House Christmas party by the Obamas. In 2010, he started supporting Pencils of Promise, an association that builds schools in developing countries. At 16, in the columns of Rolling Stone magazine, he declared being against abortion, even in case of rape. In November 2011, a 20-year-old fan claimed he was the father of her child. After appearing on several TV sets to deny the claim, he agreed to take a DNA test that exonerated him. In 2012, he was criticized for meeting the Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper wearing overalls. In January 2014, he was arrested in Miami for drunk driving. That same year, he began attending Hillsong Church, an evangelical church, and became close to his Star Pastor Carl Lentz, who considers homosexuality a sin.

At 20, he topped Forbes’ list of the highest-earning celebrities under 30

In 2015, he and his bodyguards were accused of assault by an Argentinian photographer and faced an arrest warrant. The following year, he cancelled his tour in Argentina due to "legal conditions". At 22, he posted a picture of him kissing his ex, Selena Gomez, on Instagram, that generated over 1million likes in just 1hour. The tumultuous relationship between the two stars had lasted more than 4 years. At 23, he cancelled the end of his tour because of a burn-out. At 24, he married Hailey Baldwin. In 2020, Justin Bieber returns to music with a new album, tour and docu-series.


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