• Kolbaye K.
    08/31/2020 13:05

    Even 3rd world think better than this stupid America system oh goodness they so blind

  • Robin S.
    07/13/2020 22:39

    There is a couple from NC that went through the same thing. The book is called “The color of love”, it is an excellent book to read. The couple was from Winston-Salem NC.

  • Brooks-Ray T.
    07/11/2020 02:08

    Beautiful. Love sees the person they fall in love with

  • Carol S.
    07/08/2020 16:33

    The movie is wonderful yet shocking. Maybe what more ppl need to see.

  • Arnold D.
    07/07/2020 10:23

    Based on my intellectual capacity and my vast knowledge and skills to this,tactically and tentatively right from the start of times especially in the light of Ecclesiastical Evolution and come to a concrete,definite and profound conclusion that I actually have nothing to say thank you!

  • Wahyu A.
    06/26/2020 07:29

    I can't believe this is still such a problem in America

  • Kenneth F.
    06/25/2020 16:10

    Daniel Ayers

  • Kenneth F.
    06/25/2020 16:10

    Carlton Robinson

  • Penny M.
    06/25/2020 08:03

    LOVE is LOVE 🙌🏽♥️🙏🏽💯✅

  • Koonkeo C.
    06/24/2020 16:19

    They are human beings. Not the animal. Love them

  • Monique H.
    06/23/2020 11:11

    Grandparents did it in NC during the early 1900s had 12 kids.

  • Tui M.
    06/20/2020 13:16

    Did they stay together and how did their kids do?

  • Indigo B.
    06/17/2020 13:43

    Fkn disgusting. “As *of September 9, 2019, eight states required couples to declare their racial background when applying for a marriage license, without which they cannot marry. The states are Connecticut, Delaware, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Virginia, New Hampshire and Alabama. As of September 9, 2019, the Virginia law was being challenged in court.” https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anti-miscegenation_laws_in_the_United_States

  • LaToya M.
    06/16/2020 10:27

    My auntie and uncle had to get married up north; I think Baltimore... early 70's😳

  • Jacqueline L.
    06/16/2020 05:23


  • Yana R.
    06/14/2020 15:15

    The history of interracial marriage in Malaysia previously known as Tanah Melayu was way back in the 1403, where Parameswara, a prince from the archipelago of Indonesia came to Malacca, one of the state in Malaysia (now is one of the World Heritage places) and married a local Malay from Tanah Melayu...converted to Muslim (he was a Javanese Hindu) Sultan Mansur Shah one of the ruler in Malacca weded Princess Hang Li Po from the Mainland...when the Portuguese expedition Vasco de Gama and Alfonso de Alberquerque cane to Malacca in 1511 few Portuguese traders weded the locals...Then came the Dutch in 1624...then the English in 1755....the Indians from Goa came as spice traders,the Chinese came as silk traders... that's where interracial marriage happened and I am proud to be Malaysian, a well diversed country. My father is a Malay and my mother is straits born Chinese...the Peranakan... that's where our history of diversity in Malaysia began....until today.

  • El C.
    06/13/2020 18:10

    It didn't change anything

  • Francis M.
    06/13/2020 17:26


  • Jiefang X.
    06/13/2020 16:44

    Why the black people are lower than white ? Who made them slaves , wake up ! World .

  • Luca C.
    06/13/2020 15:48

    "Loving v. Virginia", what a powerful message it is in itself anyway!

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