The story of Hooters

Six men wanted a food joint they would never get kicked out of. So they created Hooters. Decades later, the brand based entirely on their staff’s sex appeal has become a household name, and it’s never too far from controversy ...

10/29/2021 12:27 PM


  • Qüeen D.
    7 days

    As a hooters girl, they fired me for gaining weight and there was nothing I could do about it because I was pregnant and they said it was because of the contract I signed when I started

  • Atame A.
    11/22/2021 23:01

    Oh no the democrats, wokes, and greta r coming at u.they always destroy what is america

  • Verushka L.
    11/19/2021 15:42

    mangaply ta diria..haha

  • Johnny B.
    11/18/2021 19:06

    You chose to be a hooter girl and agreed to the terms right, then shut it and get me my beer.

  • Izzuddin A.
    11/18/2021 17:59

    ..... الاسم مطعم والنشاط جرارة

  • Charly B.
    11/18/2021 10:54

    Since when is it such a drama when a woman likes being looked at? When did we needed to hate our bodies and decline the existence of "sexy"? How about being less jealous because those woman have the guts to show what God gave them.

  • Mursyed M.
    11/18/2021 09:00

    wow.. American really "respect" women.. 😂

  • Debbie P.
    11/18/2021 05:41

    Ok I went to my first hooters while on vacation in FL and it was open late. Me, husband, my mom, 2 kids under 12. I knew the staff was going to look sexy or whatever but we were starving. And I am glad we did. Our waitress was the waitress I had ever had in any restaurant. Super nice and just plain good at her job She explained she had been there 3 years and goes to college and waitressing pays for all of it. She wanted to be a nurse. She also showed me all of them wear pantry hose under the shirts and they had to follow a lot of rules. She said it wasn’t the easiest job but the money was really good and only needed 6 more months to finish school. I was glad that she gave my judging mind a flip. It’s nothing less than a dance outfit or bathing suit.

  • Rachel M.
    11/18/2021 01:27

    Maybe more coverage on the bottom of the uniform would be good. I understand the top since the brand is kind of based off of boobs...but, come on, give them something more on the bottom.

  • Samantha K.
    11/17/2021 19:54

    They’ll probably need to wear string bikini for uniform in a few more years.

  • Thomas B.
    11/17/2021 18:24

    First of all they are not servers they are hired as entertainers second I have dated several over the years they make pretty good money they are not victims by no means.

  • Lee G.
    11/17/2021 17:53

    Lmao. Men sued for job discrimination.

  • Leslie C.
    11/17/2021 17:41

    If they are depressed and have anxiety maybe they shouldn’t work at Hooters

  • Lilia S.
    11/17/2021 17:05

    Thank you, for sharing this video is a great one, I love men for my husband are boyfriend etc. But I love women that works to survive, and these ladies are beautiful , because they take care of themselves to stay beautiful and still work, and I know that most of them have a husband are a boyfriend that support them, it don't matter where you work, it maters that you respect others and do your job the best way possible, blessings to everyone Amen!

  • Marwa A.
    11/17/2021 16:43

    Michael be like:

  • Vikas D.
    11/17/2021 12:23

    I love them

  • Sky S.
    11/17/2021 09:11

    let’s go

  • Lana L.
    11/17/2021 00:18

    Thanks for the clarification, because here we thought that people simply went there for the “good food” and warm beer. 😂

  • Luna B.
    11/17/2021 00:02

    Let's start a restaurant called Pickles & Hot Dogs 🌭 🥒 .. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Luna B.
    11/17/2021 00:01

    I sued them.. but seriously 😐

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