The story of the Central Park Five

Five Black and Latino men wrongfully convicted of the brutal rape of a jogger. Donald Trump calling for the death penalty... Here's what the Central Park Five case revealed.

10/24/2020 1:00 AM


  • Cassandra G.
    10/26/2020 21:34

    What Trump didn't know, was The NYPD lied and sent innocent men to prison. They should lock up the cops and anyone else involved in the lies.

  • Ron S.
    10/24/2020 18:25

    Let’s go back to how the media covered the story . Hundreds of thousands though they were guilty. We have more of the same problem today . I would expect Trump had a mic shoved in his face . Until he was forced to make such a statement .

  • Luis D.
    10/24/2020 15:02

    The ignorance in this country has no limits. They keep using the term "Hispanic/Latino as a race,as "people of color". If that's the case, what's the color of pope Francis? What's the color of sofia vergara? What's the color of Alexis Bledel? What's the color of Cameron Diaz ?and what's the color of the MILLIONS of people of European decent who were born in Latin America who happen to be white? my intention is not to be a racist,my intention is to mention the facts. I wonder how long is going to take for people in this country to understand that Latino/Hispanic is a CULTURE ,therefore,they can be of ANY race... I think it is about time to correct that mistake once and for all...

  • Andrew C.
    10/24/2020 13:05

    Anybody who says that trump is in the wrong is a fckn fool. Everyone back then was convinced those kids were the murderers or once’s who committed the crimes. Just cause trump wanted to bring back the death penalty doesn’t make him a fckn racist it just means he thinks people commit those kind of crimes deserve the death penalty. Like most people today, they want the death penalty for pedos and rapists. Idc what color your skin color is, if you commit those kind of crimes you deserve death

  • Virgilio C.
    10/24/2020 02:36

    Trump the STUPID FREAKING PIECE OF GARBAGE was 100% WRONG!! TRUMP is a RAPIEST!!!! A used car salesman.. Nothing is a sstupid as a Rwpublican.

  • Jamal P.
    10/24/2020 02:33


  • Craig N.
    10/24/2020 02:04

    Trump was right to want severe penalties for that crime. The law saved them, ultimately.

  • Peter D.
    10/24/2020 01:29

    Trump you are a cancer on this world

  • Charity A.
    10/24/2020 01:11

    Never doubt the millions of things a single dua can change or help to achieve.we

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