This project aims to demystify the image of sharks

"Sharks are not the man-eating monsters we're shown in horror films" These 4 friends set off on an 8-month sailing trip with one goal in mind: demystifying the image of sharks. This is the Lords of the Ocean project.

04/29/2019 10:57 AM


  • Bob B.
    08/03/2019 16:56

    Shark World. Opening soon in a location near you. Swim with the sharks, experienced the thrill of counting their teeth, riding and petting ponds,... . see you there!

  • Robert B.
    08/03/2019 15:02

    Just a sponsored holiday, Smart approach!

  • Merv T.
    08/03/2019 02:19

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  • Tony C.
    08/03/2019 02:07

    I'm so tired of these shark stereotypes. My kids swim with our two sharks every day. It's about how you raise your sharks..

  • Sarah L.
    08/02/2019 18:16

    I thought Marley might like this x

  • Mustapha T.
    05/02/2019 18:39

    Les clichés affichés sur les requins mangeurs d'hommes ne sont que des propagandes pour justifier l'extermination de toutes les espèces de requins.

  • Kamala S.
    05/01/2019 03:27

    Still scared of them

  • Seru N.
    05/01/2019 00:36

    I love sharks...😍😍😍 They are not monsters they are FOOD. 😋😋😂😂

  • Bachir N.
    04/30/2019 21:19


  • Tatz Z.
    04/30/2019 20:58

    Bullshark 🤔 hammerheadshark🤔..where’s the fucking Greatwhite shark😳😳Greatwhiteshark Pleassssssse😂

  • Robinhood C.
    04/30/2019 20:36

    Man is endangering aquatic biodiversity that is gradually pushing themselves to be extinct.

  • Enayat J.
    04/30/2019 17:50

    Hahahahahahaپوسٹ کرنے والا ابو جہل کے اولاد میں سے ہے

  • Vatsal V.
    04/30/2019 13:48


  • En Q.
    04/30/2019 11:59


  • Julia C.
    04/30/2019 06:41

    I think it’s awesome that they’re picking up data along the way with other sea creatures. The scientists who receive any of it should totally give them credit... even if they don’t use all of it, it is undoubtedly, work, resources, and time saved. Awesome team! All the best!!

  • Warren D.
    04/29/2019 20:12


  • Amy R.
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  • Andrew H.
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  • Nana L.
    04/29/2019 15:33

    Slet ikke farlige!

  • Jamak R.
    04/29/2019 11:53

    So glad for this project and this video! Sharks badly need our protection and love as without them, there won’t be any life in the ocean.