• Blakely L.
    11/17/2017 16:26

    Bet thep people dat call the cope looking out the window like wtf they aint going to do nuin lol

  • AlejaNdro L.
    11/17/2017 15:09

    These coped shall be spared when the murder spree begins

  • Chad D.
    11/06/2017 17:26

    And that's how it should be, engaging with the community you swear to protect. âœŒđŸŒ

  • MJ N.
    11/04/2017 16:39

    Kenneth Manos

  • Jef M.
    11/04/2017 05:40

    I sooooooo desperately want more cops to consider blacks and other people of color as worth saving across this "could be" great nation. If this was standandard protocol... We might stand a chance.

  • Alex R.
    11/04/2017 00:34

    Still ACAB

  • Mitch H.
    11/03/2017 23:00


  • Anthony T.
    11/03/2017 22:05

    Just be a human being with feelings

  • Angel L.
    11/03/2017 21:23

    If cops were more chill friendly n human like this America wud be in a whole different direction

  • Tequila P.
    11/03/2017 19:41

    Tonya Chiles well the police sholl not like that here!

  • Jazmine B.
    11/03/2017 18:09

    There r good and bad cops. Met them both. A bad cop distill fear in the community. A good cop ensure trust that they will protect and serve

  • Shamba B.
    11/03/2017 18:02

    They were not in fear for their lives 😀

  • Dion K.
    11/03/2017 17:30

    When you put cops in the community that they grew up in or are accustomed to... You get better results with the community.

  • Nene B.
    11/03/2017 16:50

    They only time THE whites let black men in their backyard.

  • Ma'at A.
    11/03/2017 15:52

    Now this is what being a police officer is about. Officers should bond with their communities instead of terrorizing them.

  • Gary S.
    11/03/2017 15:44

    You know what these police have that (i think) the majority of police dont common sense. You get to a situation, you do an assessment of the situation and make a thoughtful decision. You see a kid playing in a park, you jump out of your car and shot the kid in 2 seconds. Maybe you assess the situation and see what is going on first, i dont know ask maybe one question. People will say well he was told a person had a gun. He can stand with the car as cover and ask questions or tell tbe person to put the gun down before he shoots ( that might take more than 2 second). These Police Officers did their jobs the right way. They did an assessment of the situation, didnt jump to conclusions and make a thoughtful decision.

  • Sabrina M.
    11/03/2017 13:35

    More of these cops, please and less of the scumbags using their shields to act like bullies.

  • LaCorine K.
    11/03/2017 13:33


  • Darlene W.
    11/03/2017 12:31

    it kills me that some believe that Black People believe that all of something is bad. that called racism and Racism is a sickness.

  • Nefertiti B.
    11/03/2017 11:32

    Must be nice. Kanye shrug

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