Trump's female insecurities

Why does Trump keep attacking women about their anatomy? It might be because he's intimidated. 😏

06/30/2017 12:00 AM


  • Giovanni R.
    07/04/2017 07:18

    Well that was a mistake coming on comment thread thinking people like to be dignified,not when Trump is the focus guess it is kinda gratifying to know that these Trumpanzies resort to bs scatter brained tactics first,let's me know who's actually trying to make America great

  • Jessica R.
    07/03/2017 22:32

    Honestly I just wish he would do his job, or step down. Yeah he talks a lot of crap, it's whatever at this point. It's nothing new, I just ignore it.

  • Allen D.
    07/03/2017 22:21

    Only gullible haters pay attention to this garbage. Get a life

  • Jasmine R.
    07/03/2017 21:59

    He is fucking ridiculous! Get him and his fucked up people out of office.

  • Alenna O.
    07/03/2017 21:56

    Oh but feminism is unnecessary and too aggressive... ❄ đŸ€”â„ïž

  • Brenda M.
    07/03/2017 21:55

    Why do we have to bleed tho....? Like all his come backs are she was bleeding...blood dripping from her could see the blood dripping out of her wherever. Like yes that's menstruation buddy we bleed from ONE place, and we don't even BLEED that much (10 tsps of actual blood, not bodily fluids, on average) but is that an insult? lol "oh she's got a period hahahaha" there's not even an ounce of logic in that. I see no point in him trying to insult them by telling them they bleed. And wheres the RESPECT for his wife, the FLOTUS? First by the bleeding comments then by calling out a journalist or reporter or whatever just to say "nice smile you got on" all the past presidents , especially Obama, were just ENTHRALLED with their wife. They did not look or comment on anything else. This man-baby is just disgusting.

  • Liza I.
    07/03/2017 20:03

    Presley Dawn Richards

  • Angelica N.
    07/03/2017 19:42

    "Low IQ" points out the idiot with non existent IQ with poor professionals people skills.

  • Lily G.
    07/03/2017 19:29

    Ellie Boatman

  • Chelsy A.
    07/03/2017 19:29

    Casey Wilkin

  • Kenadi J.
    07/03/2017 19:06

    Jeanette Picozzi

  • Victoria H.
    07/03/2017 17:21

    Yes he suffers with an acute of something but must be serious. He can't stop saying negative things.

  • Madi M.
    07/03/2017 17:03

    I still don't understand how he's the president lol

  • Nelly J.
    07/03/2017 16:57

  • Kimberly F.
    07/03/2017 16:44

    I'm shooketh...

  • Carlo N.
    07/03/2017 16:37

    That's for a reason. And i know why. He "sucks".

  • MĂŠi K.
    07/03/2017 15:55

    AbTub Xyooj trump is Joseph 😂

  • Marz R.
    07/03/2017 15:54

    Even though some of what you say is true.. This is one millennia who is well informed. And this is one thing you can't deny about Donald Trump.

  • Sarit G.
    07/03/2017 15:32


  • Shontae Q.
    07/03/2017 15:27

    He's just Sick!!

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