• Janet P.
    01/12/2018 14:36

    Guess what fox news reporter, Trump wasn't in a bar when he made that,last awful comment, when he speaks it goes out to the,world.

  • Janet P.
    01/12/2018 04:02

    Trump gained 2.3 million followers in May, now that really is FAKE news.

  • Janet P.
    01/12/2018 03:58

    After what Trump said today ,are you still following him Omg.

  • Nithya S.
    06/03/2017 23:29


  • Lee L.
    06/01/2017 19:08

    Lol it's sad that this is the best that they can come up with 😂😂

  • Timmy T.
    06/01/2017 19:06

    When Obama uses Bots. He never uses the best Bots. They're criminals, rapists bots...

  • Emmanuel V.
    06/01/2017 19:06


  • Emmanuel V.
    06/01/2017 19:05


  • Pha V.
    06/01/2017 18:52

    Duh... these fake accounts are write offs for his taxes.

  • Moses P.
    06/01/2017 18:50

    Who cares

  • Andrew W.
    06/01/2017 18:30

    What a fucking loser

  • Benjamin E.
    06/01/2017 18:26

    Robots, they love me. I won the robot vote hugely. Of course I would have won it huglier if there were not millions of illegal robot votes.

  • Cassandra S.
    06/01/2017 18:08

    I'm pretty sure that half of those people are people who had just created a Twitter account and added him because he's the president and his tweets are crazy and they want to see but didn't have twitter. One of my friends literally just did that last week. I mean I hate Donald Trump myself. And I know he's definitely capable of doing something like that. But you've got to realize that a lot of these people are older people who don't have Twitter's and just added themselves and account because they want to follow what's going on with the president in real time

  • Michael T.
    06/01/2017 15:35

    More propaganda. I go on twitter specifically for Trump, and apparently so does all of the MSM. Brut is trying to pin him as uninteresting. Lmao! Seriously?

  • Andy M.
    06/01/2017 15:10

    What it twitter?

  • Wolf P.
    06/01/2017 15:07

    Arturo Sevilla

  • Francisco R.
    06/01/2017 15:07

    SAD!! Lmao

  • Chris R.
    06/01/2017 14:49

    I doubt the same person made 15,000,000 twitters. Some of them could be fans of Donald trump and that's the only reason they created one.

  • Preston M.
    06/01/2017 14:25

    Those are his voter's, bots and mindless.

  • Laura N.
    06/01/2017 12:47

    He has how many imaginary friends?

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