• Julio D.
    05/18/2017 14:22

    Whinny little bitch. Egomaniac.

  • Tamika B.
    05/18/2017 14:23

    What a douch bag. He needs fact checker glued on him

  • Sean D.
    05/18/2017 14:27

    When you take Twitter away from Donny this is what you get.

  • Robert C.
    05/18/2017 14:28

    Go back to school, number 45!!! 😡😡😡

  • Matthew G.
    05/18/2017 15:17

    , you sir, are a petty, ignorant, stupid, small-minded jack ass. I've never had so little respect for anyone in my life as I have for you. You don't get to complain about opposition that you opted into. Your demeaning and divisive rhetoric is cringeworthy and is deserving of any ridicule you may receive from us. You are not treated unfairly; you are being treated as you treat others. You're a dipshit 💩

  • Hunter M.
    05/18/2017 15:20

    Cry baby bitch

  • Tim A.
    05/18/2017 15:37

    Whos the fucking snowflake now?

  • Francis G.
    05/18/2017 15:54

    You mean worse than Lincoln or JFK who were assassinated? Nope! Also remember how you treated your predecessor? Payback!

  • Tanner S.
    05/18/2017 15:59

    You opportunistic pieces of shit know exactly what the President means. You just want to find something to pick on him about so you can fucking cry and whine about it. Grow the fuck up... SMDH Pathetic

  • Nelson G.
    05/18/2017 16:02

    Nobody cares about you giving yourself pity you dumb asshole. You don't like then quit.

  • Richie L.
    05/18/2017 16:06

    What's funny is the biggest "snowflake" of all has supporters who accuse everyone else of being "snowflakes" lol.

  • Christian R.
    05/18/2017 16:19

    Yo this dude is complaining about how tough he has it in front of military recruits. This isn't even an SNL skit. Lol

  • Chris R.
    05/18/2017 16:21

    That's because that guy is a piece of junk! Let me play the violin for him haha

  • Holly W.
    05/18/2017 16:32

    Lol tell that to the ones that were shot and killed..

  • Christopher B.
    05/18/2017 16:36

    I do have to say that he has been the most scrutinized president. I have not seen a president so prevalent in the press and we are not done with the first year.

  • Terry B.
    05/18/2017 16:44

    TRumptards make excuses for the devil they worship 🤣🤣🤣

  • Clayton G.
    05/18/2017 16:51

    Baahahahaha what a snowflake

  • Milton E.
    05/18/2017 16:58

    But I thought DJT was not a politician! Who is this politician he speaks of?

  • Delfino Z.
    05/18/2017 17:21

    Fucken idiot.

  • Danielle M.
    05/18/2017 17:40

    What a snowflake