"Biodegradable" plastic bags survive three years in sea

Do "biodegradable" plastic bags really biodegrade? These scientists examined the degradation of five of these bags. This is what they found out.

05/15/2019 10:51 AM


  • Gibrafil G.
    04/01/2021 06:49

    Why are you sad about what you did? , aren't you always littering, then why are you sad ? Ahh looks like this is what is said to be hypocrisy, you guys are angry with someone who littered but you yourself do it

  • プライマリ ケ.
    04/01/2021 05:17

    This plastic waste is very dangerous

  • Durdana S.
    03/31/2021 05:51

    Really bangladesh banned plastic? Stores give em out every day 🙄🙄

  • Mukesh S.
    03/30/2021 07:02


  • Sandeep B.
    03/29/2021 09:37

    Good job 👏

  • Naseer A.
    03/29/2021 06:47

    Say no to Plastics/ Save the Nature

  • Dhanbahadur T.
    03/27/2021 13:22


  • M K.
    03/27/2021 08:55

    I will appreciate that baned the poly bags

  • M K.
    03/27/2021 08:54

    These bags are baned in aur and all countries

  • Tishna S.
    03/27/2021 06:44

    plant jute jute mills...make jute bags abundantly...stop plastic the ecosystem

  • Geeta L.
    03/27/2021 03:50


  • Saddam P.
    03/26/2021 20:48


  • Muneer A.
    03/26/2021 17:33

    Hazel Malik

  • Vishwanath R.
    03/25/2021 17:50

    1 बार खरीददारी पर 4 बार कैशबैक टीम की खरीददारी पर भी बेनिफिट खरीददारी वही से करनी है जहाँ से खरीदते आये है। जितनी बड़ी टीम उतना ज्यादा इनकम वो भी लाइफ टाइम आज ही 8769706988 पर व्हाट्सएप करे और पूरी डिटेल लेवे।

  • Gopalkrishna S.
    03/25/2021 14:49

    Keeping well being of future generations production of plastic should be stopped from the WORD GO

  • Lu J.
    03/25/2021 13:00


  • Sharad T.
    03/25/2021 11:25

    Day by day human beings are becoming very sailfish in our country India there are usually plenty of plastic bags, glasses are used in marriage ceremony, it's very harmful for the environment & pet animals.

  • Sandeep Y.
    03/25/2021 09:43

    Love you

  • Safikul S.
    03/25/2021 08:25

    safikul ⛷🤔😷

  • Dudut R.
    03/25/2021 07:27

    We should stop making plastic that the answer...

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