"Let Obamacare fail, it will be easier."

President Trump isn't bitter about the healthcare defeat...he has a plan*! *To let Obamacare fail. 🤔

07/18/2017 7:40 PM
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  • Chantal G.
    07/18/2017 19:46

    - does that mean they will finally keep their noses out of things they clearly know nothing about?

  • Adav Z.
    07/18/2017 20:07

    Government shouldn't be involved anyways. Free market can take care of this

  • Christina Q.
    07/18/2017 20:09

    it's like a child..."if we don't do it MY WAY, you can all suffer and possibly DIE and THEN you'll see things MY WAY"

  • Giovanni Y.
    07/18/2017 20:10

    Why do they let him even talk

  • Reuben G.
    07/18/2017 20:10

    I wonder how "Making America Great Again" is coming along..

  • Kevin K.
    07/18/2017 20:11

    Some plan lmfao

  • Jason G.
    07/18/2017 20:11

    How about the GOP and the dems work together on a plan that's actually good for all the American people? Is it really so hard?

  • Charles '.
    07/18/2017 20:12

    Didn't really say anything usual haha

  • Ono S.
    07/18/2017 20:19


  • Eduardo J.
    07/18/2017 20:20

    What a fucking moron

  • Mike R.
    07/18/2017 20:20

    No, I don't agree he's been saying that a long time. He's been saying repeal and replace, and now he's trying to backpedal because he's too poor of a leader to get his own party to make it happen.

  • Matt B.
    07/18/2017 20:25


  • Heather N.
    07/18/2017 20:28

    Shut up already! You are a fail! We need to get rid of you already..

  • Chris H.
    07/18/2017 20:29

    This guy as president is already a failure.

  • Kenrykc A.
    07/18/2017 20:29

    SOOOOO in other words Trump has nothing and can't do anything but let it ride hoping turmoil on millions of people by decidedly doing NOTHING since he can't get his way to overturn anything. This presidents suck rating is about to hit his constituents that filed in line with his number one attack on the former President's policies smdh. Lord help us with the emperor's new clothes

  • John F.
    07/18/2017 20:30

    Let Donald Trump fail....oops.he already has!

  • Justin P.
    07/18/2017 20:31

    Lmao you're going to be in prison with your russian agents in the white house soon anyways before obamacare fails

  • Angela K.
    07/18/2017 20:31

    He's not letting Obamacare fail he's sabotaging it. He's such a narcissist he can't even see that what he needs to do is fix the policies that are already in place.

  • Yu M.
    07/18/2017 20:32


  • Freddy B.
    07/18/2017 20:33

    Bring Obama back to the white house...