A toxic tour of pollution on Chicago's southeast side

"The city is deeming these neighborhoods as sacrifice zones." Chicago's southeast side has been plagued by pollution and sickness for decades. Gina Ramirez, an advocate with NRDC, is taking up the fight to save her neighborhood... This video has been produced in partnership with a brand

01/07/2021 7:58 PM


  • Jackie G.
    5 hours

    Beijing Biden

  • Nick F.
    8 hours


  • Brian H.
    10 hours

    Power is power , so why dont you go argue with Darth Sisious next.

  • Nelan S.
    12 hours

    So stupid honestly put the effort in to your personal health and well-being and stop blaming the world. Maybe you should go after McDonald's. Maybe you should focus on how you can help yourself

  • Nathan S.
    15 hours

    You lost me at environmental racism... idiot 不

  • Steven G.
    15 hours

    Who in the city deemed these are sacrificed neighborhoods? Name, names. Stop the hiperbably.

  • Lucas W.
    17 hours

    So they don't want industry, good paying union jobs in pipelines, small businesses, or big businesses? What do they want?

  • Bobby L.
    21 hours

    Funny how she is worried about pollution but not the hamburgers or donuts. Side effects of obesity 1. Diabetes 2. Heart disease I could go on and on. This lady is after the$$ she reminds me of the lady who spilled coffee on herself at McDonald's. Calm down Karen! These steel mills employ hundreds and thousands of people who are able to provide for their families because of these mills

  • Lilkme S.
    a day

    樹樹 I hope things get better soon!! And for the rude irrelevant comments eat your own words taste the sweetness

  • Ryan Z.
    a day

    Keep voting Democrats

  • Victoria M.
    a day

    how disheartening

  • Mike G.
    a day

    Green is nice and all but the only solution is to go poison some other country LOL. And I find it humorous that you think that these companies make money hand-over-fist but have no idea what the actual profit margins are. You say hold them accountable they say hello Asia.

  • Amber J.
    a day

    A solar farm? So photos of her & dead birds?

  • Zsolt G.
    a day

    Shes fat

  • Nefi G.
    a day

    I can say scientifically that environment can change a biological entity.

  • Chad R.
    2 days

    Vote out the democratic leadership ,That's how you start

  • Mark L.
    2 days

    I think it's time to close public school's. I'm tired of people complaining about education. If you want to educate your child you should have to pay for private education or home school. All public school teacher's are spoiled and lazy.

  • Wendy W.
    2 days

    Texas City Texas tell my kids the same thing and my mom told me as well lets stop it . Thankfully we lived on the island by Texas City and think we have no issues from the plants but iam sure in the future that will prove other wise as of now we still swim in the gulf and on the dikes all whlie looking at smoke from plants right across the way People flock here to soak up the sun and bath in the water& sand but what really lies under all that freedom smh lets do better humans 唐

  • Alecia B.
    2 days

    So, its ok to irreparably damage and pollute the environment and poison people because they need a paycheck? The owners and shareholders of these companies are making money hand over fist, but they sure as heck dont have to live with the consequences. No one is saying destroy all the factories, but how about we hold them accountable? In most of these cases, the mishandling of toxic materials is not due to ignorance of their affects or lack of a better option, but because its cheaper to dump pollutants into the ground, air, and water than to dispose of them in a safer way. God forbid, we cut into millions or billions in shareholder profits to make sure innocent children can breath. And even if theses families could just pick up and move, what then? When an area becomes too toxic, theyll just move on to anotherlikely another with the same poor population that doesnt have the option to fight against it.

  • Arisano F.
    2 days

    her arteries have more sludge than the factories ever produced. Insane leftists will stop at nothing to play victim

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