Americans make their voice heard

You may have a bad day, but not as much as republican representatives having to defend the new healthcare plan in town halls.

05/28/2017 4:00 PM


  • Judy A.
    05/30/2017 12:59

    God Doesn't Appove of Greed and Pain.Everybody's bout to loose it.just a Matter of time.God be with me and mine.

  • Judy A.
    05/30/2017 12:57

    Now ppl wanna Complain.when we all know We didn't Vote for this....All Family need help.We better Pray More.Well Its bout to be Real Real huh.

  • Jonathan B.
    05/29/2017 14:55

    How about less burgers 🍔 buddy!!!!

  • Wesley C.
    05/29/2017 14:07

    Buy what about me..I can't afford the current Healthcare plan that is obamacare but I make to much to get it for free or help paying for it. So I don't have any Healthcare right now.

  • Alex H.
    05/29/2017 13:35

    Maybe if blacks and Latinos got a damn job and stop stealing robbing and selling job and stop abusing welfare we wouldn't have this problem every time I go in the city it's trashed and no one is at a job they are just walking around like zombies or siting at the bars don't get me wrong there's fucked up white people but I bet if you were out late walking around in the hood where they live you wouldn't feel safe unlike a white neighborhood get off welfare

  • Lou T.
    05/29/2017 13:33

    Ummm, no one says they can't go out and buy health insurance, they just want insurance that someone else pays for: I want a new Bently, shouldn't they buy me one since I can't afford it?

  • Russell A.
    05/29/2017 12:14

    It's called get off your ass and work. If your 75 and don't have health insurance that's your fault no one else's. quit expecting handouts...

  • Aaron B.
    05/29/2017 11:43

    Trump could end world hunger have World Peace and these people will still find something wrong with it. Get a life!

  • Jaime J.
    05/29/2017 11:03

    And half of them voted for him

  • Matthew R.
    05/29/2017 09:36

    Same people calling Obama the n word for 8 years and voted for trump.

  • Rob M.
    05/29/2017 07:12

    Ironically most of these people probably voted for him...

  • Peter B.
    05/29/2017 06:38

    Who Gives a Puck, They got what they wanted= Remember to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

  • Valente B.
    05/29/2017 05:44

    Me gusto la que dice que tiene confiansa en si misma se mira que es inteligente y la que se le olvido se mira que es simpatica y sincera...

  • Llara E.
    05/29/2017 05:15

    This is what y'all get for voting for trump 😴

  • Patrick B.
    05/29/2017 03:52

    Says the obese dude who did it to himself

  • Brièlle B.
    05/29/2017 03:09

    I love how everyone in this video is obese. #1 way to save yourself in America: don't get fat and give yourself hear disease.

  • Kevin F.
    05/29/2017 02:48


  • Dalton A.
    05/29/2017 02:14


  • Matt M.
    05/29/2017 01:49

    Bunch of pansies

  • Kyndal J.
    05/29/2017 01:34

    Since they want kill everyone else I hope they die slowly!!!!

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