• Mara A.
    04/24/2018 04:26

    En fin...NO COMAN NADA,NO TOMEN NADA Y BTW😐NO RESPIREN,Chingaderas...hoy dĂ­a todo da cĂĄncer y muchĂ­simas otras enfermedades,tambiĂ©n en otros paĂ­ses subdesarrollados miles y cientos de miles mueren de hambre y sed.Hagan como quieran pero no jodan a los demĂĄs!!!!

  • Triston H.
    04/23/2018 23:51

    ....my nerves act weird....and I can't remember anything before age 9. And I'm slowly starting to forget middle school. I'm 20. No more soda for me

  • Jiayi H.
    04/23/2018 16:36


  • Debojit S.
    04/22/2018 02:45

    Adam Clary

  • Anita M.
    04/21/2018 15:08

    Why is our nation so disgusting?

  • Maze T.
    04/21/2018 01:08


  • Maze T.
    04/21/2018 01:06

    Marila Thomas

  • Kyna V.
    04/20/2018 23:28

    orange juice leads to memory loss

  • Glenda M.
    04/20/2018 04:45

    Okay I didn't listen to the video earlier when I first saw it for the first time so I got it now okay thank you bye

  • Wesley S.
    04/19/2018 18:15

    Alot of European countries banned guns too, no thanks satan!

  • Linda K.
    04/19/2018 17:18

    They’re hand in hand together! And they don’t care about us.

  • SofĂ­a B.
    04/19/2018 14:58

    ya sabes que no comer

  • Sheila C.
    04/19/2018 10:47

    Don’t forget olestra that lovely poop your pants cooking oil.

  • Stephanie M.
    04/19/2018 06:56

    Roxanne Williams

  • Anna J.
    04/19/2018 05:22

    I wish I could grow everything and be a vegetarian but I cant stop eating

  • Casey E.
    04/19/2018 03:43

    Susan Grace

  • Bradley A.
    04/19/2018 03:43

    Anthony Leanos

  • Johnny K.
    04/19/2018 03:05

    Europe has just as many bad foods

  • Kamaria D.
    04/18/2018 21:44

    Why does it keep referring to Europe as a single entity. If there is a single European Food and Drug Administration please name it instead of just saying europe.

  • Celina A.
    04/18/2018 17:21

    you are what you eat. Grossssss

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