Banned in Europe, in the food in the U.S.

Here are 5 ingredients in U.S. food that are banned in Europe. 🤢

04/07/2018 1:49 PMupdated: 08/14/2019 1:42 PM
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  • Alina C.
    04/07/2018 23:53

    I see 2008 and I'm like that was only like 3 years ago, and you make it seem like it was banned somewhere in the 1990's or so and then i realize that that was 10 years ago

  • Lucia A.
    04/08/2018 04:00

    So if i sue the fda ? How much do think I’ll get paid?

  • Santiago O.
    04/09/2018 03:46

    Thank god i live in europe

  • Dana M.
    04/09/2018 19:29


  • Souang T.
    04/09/2018 22:44

    That's why we make our own bread, buy hormone free dairy, don't drink soda, but our downfall is poultry. There are no commercial egg farms or chicken farms here. There are some local growers but not enough for the whole nation. If I am able to start a farm, it will definitely have egg laying chickens.

  • Holly F.
    04/10/2018 05:16


  • Purabi P.
    04/10/2018 15:21

    Then end up in the hospital and blame govt, health services etc etc

  • Philbert A.
    04/10/2018 17:37

    What do you expect from the FDA.

  • Nadine C.
    04/10/2018 22:07

    Trinidad and Tobago need to do this asap

  • Inigo A.
    04/11/2018 03:18


  • Brut
    04/12/2018 15:40

    Hi , Thank you for commenting! We based our description on a report from the NCBI/United States National Library of Medicine. Here is the link, where you can find more infos on the use of human antibiotics to promote growth in animals raised for food:

  • Binod S.
    04/14/2018 12:56

    Europe still has high cancer rate

  • Heba E.
    04/14/2018 21:58


  • Khymm R.
    04/16/2018 05:38

    Growth hormones, chemicals and all kind of schit....oh my!!

  • Ismael T.
    04/16/2018 06:30

    know i now why i see a big fatty oversize americans 😂

  • Dawn L.
    04/16/2018 21:17

    Oh I remember something about how the bread at Subway... aha.

  • Urbonaitė D.
    04/16/2018 21:39


  • Dustin A.
    04/17/2018 01:13

    That third thing looked like that stuff ray cooked I starwars tfa

  • Chelsea H.
    04/17/2018 12:45

    “found in yoga mats” 🤮

  • Kristina A.
    04/17/2018 12:52

    We stille have it in our food in Holland. Nothing has change .