Black culture and veganism, explained

No, being vegan isn't just for "white girls." Black people represent the fastest-growing vegan demographic in the country. Here's why. @theinvisiblevegan

02/10/2021 1:28 PMupdated: 02/10/2021 1:56 PM


  • Paul W.
    03/03/2021 00:10

    I'm Vegan, never occured to me for a second that it was any colour issue at all....

  • John F.
    02/26/2021 10:02

    Love this. Living vegan is a step forward in dismantling colonialism 💯

  • Linda H.
    02/16/2021 14:14

    You are funny.

  • ERne S.
    02/13/2021 18:21

    LOT if Vitamins defficiencies come along with Veganism.

  • Natasha F.
    02/13/2021 05:39

    So how did a diet become a race issue? 🙄

  • Thomas F.
    02/12/2021 23:19

    Haha, sick! White people's food? I've eaten most cusines, been pretty much all over the planet, but never ever had something called white people's food... Let's invent yet another stupid thing, just to stir things up...

  • Breta U.
    02/12/2021 10:54

    Movements like this divide society and create racist. "... Veganism is s white thing. " Really? Are you mad? What does the white thing mean?

  • Petey M.
    02/11/2021 21:55

    I love and appreciate the unique tastes of the ethnic foods of the countries of POC. The world, and CERTAINLY the USA would not be what it is without it. Go vegan if you must, but this white man is jonesing for some pulled pork and black eyed peas. Don't forgo your ethnic traditional foods

  • Luke H.
    02/11/2021 17:39

    What a stupid thing to say. Attention seeking at its finest

  • Kay F.
    02/11/2021 13:22

    Race baiting. Why? Over food. Ridiculous

  • Hind H.
    02/11/2021 09:17

    When you're life is empty but you want attention

  • Marian H.
    02/11/2021 09:07

    THANK YOU The Invisible Vegan for bringing this awareness to our attention. THANK YOU for traveling countries to research actual informative data which helped me make a life-or-death decision to change my eating habits. Only the TRUTH sets us FREE. Yes, for years some segments of our communities weren't aware of alternative treatments as we struggled with many health issues, some resulting in death. As you so eloquently explained, the next problem has been the availability of foods necessary to change our diets. Now, as I go into a different community in search of these foods, I am confronted with questionable behaviors just asking to "buy" certain foods. We have got to be able to look at the whole picture to face the TRUTH. Having struggled for years with health issues my dr only pushed meds which had harmful side effects. Having worked at a medical school I was told by the medical students that they only receive 6 hours of alternative treatments for health issues. So, it's taken someone like you to do the legwork in producing a documentary which gives us the option to make adjustments in our health. People will not understand that before we can move forward we must understand where we came from. Then hopefully we can have truthful conversations of what is fake and what was real. No, not everyone will understand how I felt being stopped by a group of police at 9:00 at night, leaving a bible study class, just trying to get home. That frightening experience and many others would have to be experienced to get the full scope of the differences in treatments. Now, the same applies to food choices and the overall issues some of us face, not knowing that we could have other alternatives. This is called life. Thank you so much for educating us, allowing us to make more important detrimental decisions in our overall health issues. Remember that there are areas still that some will probably never understand what it is to be in your skin, with your issues. Keep on doing the good work and, as it's said "if I can help one person on my journey called life, then my living will not be in vain". Be blessed.

  • Gordon G.
    02/11/2021 07:08

    No thank you I know some vegetarians and they crave meat

  • Patricia P.
    02/11/2021 02:39

    Wow, look at the racists on this feed, and it's definitely not The Invisible Vegan. Glass house dwellers are throwing stones. 😀

  • Philip H.
    02/11/2021 00:45

    FFS, just eat what you like whenever you like, whoever you are. Why do you have to make a video about it. We really don't need to know what you like or don't like.

  • AL L.
    02/10/2021 23:56

    Animals and the planet don’t care what you consider yourself - they’re just thankful for the vegan ♥️

  • Ryan J.
    02/10/2021 23:49

    Stop making everything about race, worlds gone mad

  • Herb S.
    02/10/2021 22:13

    People know pretty that well when you think of vegan you get a stereotype in your head. All this post is does is address that stigma. As I have transitioned to plant based I’ve gotten a lot of flack from black ppl and a lot less from whites. This is just a fact. Trying to pick this apart isn’t helping anyone.

  • Soochan A.
    02/10/2021 21:56

    Being labeled a vegan is the most weirdest shot in '21. People with identity issues.

  • Sis D.
    02/10/2021 21:29

    allé du White et du Black vegan maintenant, mais qui a dit que le vegan était réservé aux femmes blanches jpp de ces débats