Children's author Keith Negley redefines masculinity

"It's OK to show yourself not being tough. That was my way of showing bravery." Children's author Keith Negley tells us about the book he wrote for his son — and all boys. The Global Boyhood Initiative wants boys to be boys by embracing their emotions, too. This video has been produced in partnership with a brand

10/15/2020 4:02 PM


  • Robert J.
    5 hours

    Never start a fight. And never run from one either.

  • Ramon H.
    6 hours

    I’m sorry but this guy is a huge wimp. If someone said anything like that to me as a kid it wouldn’t have even registered.

  • Ian S.
    8 hours


  • Ian S.
    8 hours


  • Juanita M.
    9 hours

    this was cool the book looked cool

  • Sam H.
    18 hours

    Learn to fight stop being weak and worthless.

  • Tammy H.
    a day

    I don't have kids but I do know the more sincere, humble and honest my parents (or anyone was/is to me) is a great learning moment. Someone's past mistake or weaknesses can become a connection and inspiration and passed on wisdom for others. I find great respect for the power of truth and wisdom people give to others. I think the more a person or parents hide their past, ignore or hides their imperfections and mistakes, it just keeps them stuck and carries on ignorance, repeated patterns and shame. Don't you want people to learn from you, especially your children?

  • Joy B.
    a day

    Im not sure whats worse, parents that are there and care but are oblivious Or parents who dont care at all and you cant count on them for anything. Blessings to this guy and his bravery. My memories of school was 6 years of a never ending nightmare. ☠

  • Aaron S.
    a day

    We cannot equalize the qualities of masculinity and femininity lest we wish to crash and burn.

  • Zack P.
    a day


  • Bobby J.
    a day

    GROW STRONGER and meaner ! 👍

  • Matt H.
    a day

    Why does the middle of his lip go into his nose ? 🤔

  • Tom F.
    2 days

    My dad said pick up a stick and don't hit him nowhere but the head or you're going to make him mad

  • Richard K.
    2 days

    What a joke.

  • Nancy A.
    2 days

    Love it.

  • Calvin P.
    2 days

    I tried the whole it’s ok to cry scenarios with my kids while they were growing up because what I was being told is that what I was (being unemotional) was not a good thing. I just never felt the need to be over emotional and everything around me in the media and all the like were saying that I was wrong for being that way. I thought maybe all these other people were right but they weren’t. What I was teaching was completely opposite of what I was and it did nothing but create a state of confusion in my kids because I was trying to teach something that I was not. Now they are complete shut ins and live with their mom and don’t know how to interact with the world and it’s all my fault for not teaching them what was true to me. Dads need to be themself with their kids more than be what the world wants their kids to be.

  • Marcie A.
    2 days

    The creative mind doesn’t experience the world the same as many.

  • Joel P.
    2 days

    I was bullied a lot in school cause of my eyes. I also had a lot of fights in school because of it. My six year old told me that there were some kids in his class bullying him. Guess what I did. My son is now enrolled in Jujitsu class. Violence isn’t the first answer but sooner or later, dominance will stop said bullying.

  • Eric B.
    2 days

    The demeRats been neutering their men for years . they push their fake you can be any genders you choose.. Wrong their are boys and their are girls . their favorite line , dont you believe in science lol .. Now you have the Biden pushing raping and torturing little 10year girls .. Is that going to be the new normal lol

  • A.j. A.
    2 days

    That makes no sense. So instead of guiding your son you will let him be to scared to stand up for himself? You will not teach him how to react in these situation. Wow. What kind of kids are we raising now?

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