• Danny F.
    01/13/2018 21:53

    Pray to Allah. He will fix this. Right?

  • Hira K.
    01/10/2018 18:49

    Bahar Pameri i think that you don't know anything about pakistan, i m a pakistani. Let me tell u that all the US aid is going in our corrupt politician's pockets and no aid is reaching to the local peoples and one more thing that i never see any taliban agencies in Pakistan all the talibans are belong to Afghanistan and Pakistan is helping USA to fight against taliban. Muslims are very polite and loving people, our religion is teaching love and humanity islam is not making about anti humanity, Bahar pameri u must visit Pakistan and see how much simple and loving people r we.

  • Jaime H.
    01/10/2018 16:01

    Their government does this to them

  • Kishor K.
    01/10/2018 15:53

    Pakis thinks hygienic is not mentioned in Quran so, not to follow.

  • Uzair R.
    01/10/2018 14:59

    Hahaha just think ...is it possible if it is so where is U.N...??

  • Uzair R.
    01/10/2018 14:55


  • James T.
    01/10/2018 12:45

    Well get you're shit together

  • Neetu G.
    01/10/2018 10:48

    Just after US had stopped million dollar donation ; Instantly problems started in Pakistan ... No matter.. after US, Allah is there to lookafter them..

  • Sunil K.
    01/10/2018 10:14

    where is the billion dollars donation money of usa what did they do with that money

  • Jovian L.
    01/10/2018 09:59

    Your loss is anyone's opportunity. - greedy purified water sellers.

  • Nathen P.
    01/10/2018 09:57

    Our ancestors in Europe made water alcoholic to kill of bacteria, but Allah forbids it... They choose god over there children.

  • Saima N.
    01/10/2018 09:49

    Bangladesh also

  • Muhammad U.
    01/10/2018 09:05

    Aj ki fb daikh kr lagta ha Pakistan main Azab nazil hua khara ha.

  • Charlene B.
    01/10/2018 08:55

    So why don’t they go after the assholes who are poisoning the water?

  • Branimir M.
    01/10/2018 08:26

    "we are the world, we are the children.."

  • Liah B.
    01/10/2018 08:23

    What I can’t understand is.. isn’t USA giving Israel money ?? but we can’t help Pakistan ?? No wonder people have a bit of a grudge against USA

  • D G.
    01/10/2018 08:11

    Amazing how this so called god created less than 3% of earth’s free water sustainable for his so called children? And people still believe in this deity.

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