• Donna S.
    07/16/2018 20:59

    Love it

  • Debbie J.
    07/12/2018 13:24


  • Zoe H.
    07/11/2018 11:44


  • Lori A.
    07/11/2018 03:10

    For all you gardeners.....

  • Antoinette C.
    07/10/2018 23:28

    It could be. Music heals.

  • Stephanie B.
    07/10/2018 21:19

    Maybe this may help get rid of the crows eating my pineapples

  • Nad J.
    07/10/2018 18:37

    Musik statt Pestizide. Sollen dann auch schneller wachsen. Interessant. .. erinnert an Emotos Wasser Experiment. ;)

  • Luis R.
    07/10/2018 15:38

    When i was in elementary there was this scientific fair and one of the girls did something like this and the plants that were subjected to music with a higher rate of sound waves like rock grew faster than those that were not. 🤘🏼

  • Jingqi D.
    07/10/2018 12:23


  • Johan C.
    07/10/2018 12:17

    A suivre

  • Hajo v.
    07/10/2018 10:46

    There have been quite intense research in it. They like some classic relaxed music, also music from Pink Floyd, Jean Michel Jarré etc. They do not like Heavy Metall or Hard Rock. Same goes for animals. Interesting old book here "The Secret Life of Plants" from Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird (1973).

  • Hank W.
    07/10/2018 10:21

    Does this explain your 8ft tomatoe plant

  • Guilhaume G.
    07/10/2018 09:34

    Regarde ça

  • Eva L.
    07/10/2018 08:31


  • Saurabh S.
    07/10/2018 07:28


  • Leo L.
    07/10/2018 07:16

    No brain. You have a brain 🧠, there’s a difference. 🙄🤦‍♂️. Somewhere up there you’ve got your brain 🧠, but you need turn it on 😂😂😂. People, I don’t know what to do with you... wake up people, Think. The animals on the planet need you. The animals, they didn’t do anything wrong, Poor babies. They are innocent 😇, they get murdered by the Billions, every year. They didn’t do anything wrong, innocent... Stalin and Hitler the same, exactly the same, murdered by the millions, Concentration camps, holocaust, Big time 😵🐮🐟🐣🐷🐑🐶🦊... 🙈. Change as a person, change for the better. Love each other and the animals... 🌎 🦒🐘🦏🦓🐪🐫🦌🦍v💪.

  • Aude E.
    07/10/2018 07:05


  • Kedar P.
    07/10/2018 06:36

    Written in indian mythology, when Lord Krishna played his flute, whole jungle came to life, including animals.

  • May R.
    07/10/2018 06:29

    Some say plants really likes music. But I'm wondering if that includes rock music too. 😜

  • Renato I.
    07/10/2018 05:43

    yan yung sinsabe ko