High school students protest for mask mandate

Masks were optional ... but spaghetti straps strictly forbidden at this Wisconsin high school. So, these students protested – and won.

09/21/2020 8:59 PM


  • Ashley R.
    09/03/2021 01:28

    Brain washed

  • Kira B.
    08/17/2021 01:11

    Way to go, girls!

  • Pamela M.
    08/11/2021 23:26

    Modesty is important

  • Alexa L.
    08/11/2021 18:09

    Huh? This is ridiculous. Wear a mask if you want to. Don’t make other. Tiny tyrants. What I chose to put on my face is my decision, if you don’t like it, move!

  • David W.
    08/11/2021 13:14

    As a man i can tell you it doesn't matter what a woman ,or in a high school kids case, a girl is wearing. When we are that young you could be in sweats, a hoodie with the hood, a mask, wrapped in a blanket and we are still gonna look. This is not a burden women or girls should have to endure. If anyone is distracted by anything another is wearing it is their own burden. Land of the free , not land of the free unless you might possibly distract someone.

  • Mel O.
    08/11/2021 11:38

    The republicans use and bank on the minds of illiterate and ignorant and so far, they are winning while the illiterate and ignorant are losing.

  • Anita G.
    08/11/2021 07:41

    Points of view...for me, masks are totally useless against covid

  • Valerie P.
    10/31/2020 22:01

    Great girls. Smarter then most of the leaders

  • Charity A.
    10/22/2020 08:04

    We always feel that Allah's blessings never come on time, but the truth is, they are always on time, but we are always in a hurry.

  • Marie S.
    10/22/2020 05:55

    Snotty entitled little brats

  • Anastasia A.
    10/22/2020 02:16

    I find it funny how they don’t allow those straps yet they allow seniors to dress in very tight pencil dresses that are up to their butt and have no straps on freakin prom night!......

  • Mario P.
    10/21/2020 17:32

    New hampshire here... Ummm my local schools have been shut down three times due to exposure to covid 19 students and teachers since they opened back up. They all are required to wear masks all day while in the building and around other students and staff. So that being said. Why would you think that in Wisconsin it would be better for your local schools? I'm not saying do away with the masks but I don't see how this is keeping anyone safe if people are still getting sick when masks are mandatory in a small state like New Hampshire. I don't understand why we are still listening to what they tell us. "It'll be gone when the warmer weather comes." "The cold air will kill the virus." "Masks significantly decrease the chances of contracting the virus." "Masks are not effective against covid 19." It's pretty evident they have no clue about this virus and are just Telling us information to keep us content for the time being until we get rowdy again. They are being mocked because instead of making it about safety of others and themselves it was turned to "we can't wear spaghetti straps and booty shorts so why isn't it mandatory to wear a mask." Like... Seriously?

  • Andrew C.
    10/21/2020 16:31

    I hope they get bullied. Fck the mask mandate, it’s already a proven fact wearing them don’t help. 80+% of people that got covid admitted to always, or almost always wearing a mask.

  • Kenito M.
    10/21/2020 15:08

    Dirty mask , unbrushed hair , unpainted finger nails and clothes looks like it's from a thrift shop = No self respect

  • Bourhan C.
    10/21/2020 11:46

    Younes Benfrih

  • Bernd S.
    10/21/2020 03:38

    What can one expect of a Nation which values "Freedom of Speech" higher than Life (=functioning healthcare etc.) They rather allow literal NAZI-parades incl. tiki-torches, Swastikas and Antisemitist shoutings, than improve their social security... They are proud of having defeated the NAZIs, and let them grow within their own Nation. Thankfully it's a minority, but a very LOUD minority. And those who shout the loudest get the attention.

  • Bernd S.
    10/21/2020 03:37

    10 000 or max 12 000 ytd. Not more. If he really had done his job. Golfing was more important. Yote this worst clown out. November. He had his chance but failed. Like his own business

  • Bernd S.
    10/21/2020 03:37

    This always lying and disgusting clown has done NOTHING but watch tv, Twitter and travel to his golf resorts, spending millions to play golf at the TAXPAYERS EXPENSE🤥 ...and that’s the truth so help me GOD🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Madelyn G.
    10/21/2020 02:00

    These kids are smarter than those adults who mock them. They are smart enough to bet wearing a mask would help to prevent the spread of the Virus and let them get back to school. Wearing a mask is not an infringement if your civil liberties. Like wearing a seatbelt. Like not drinking And driving. Its what civilized societies do for eachothet

  • Jaype E.
    10/21/2020 01:59


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