• Jon A.
    12/25/2019 06:30

    Gimme me a bloody steak! Meat is awesome! Lol vegans, don't push your ways on us

  • Sarah J.
    12/24/2019 15:19

    I love this idea, but I’ve tried to lose weight by eating very little meat, lots of veg, whole grain bread, low dairy, eating less and it didn’t work. Now, I have been doing Keto for 6 months and I just drop weight!!!!! If I could lose weight and eat less meat I would LOVE to but it doesn’t work. I’ve never been into eating much meat anyways, but now I’m having to actually make an effort to, but it’s made a massive difference in my health. Also, something interesting is that a high fat diet actually promotes Myelin regeneration and I have 2 demyelinating diseases, so I’m down for not loosing function of my limbs 🤷‍♀️ https://biostrap.com/blog/how-to-increase-myelin/

  • Jacob F.
    12/24/2019 00:13

    What's so bad about lean protein? Meat is not the enemy.

  • Stuart M.
    12/17/2019 22:12

    You are right there

  • Neil W.
    12/17/2019 21:15

    Going vegan is a HUGE missed-steak!

  • Victor C.
    12/17/2019 19:00

    Nice content guys! Hit me for subtitling and translation in any language you might need 🎯😉

  • Gabriel B.
    12/17/2019 15:28


  • Holly R.
    01/29/2018 09:04

    1/3 of food goes to waste?!

  • Bergvin G.
    12/31/2017 04:24

    We already waste almost 30 to 50 % of the food we produce. Via supermarkets and food waste in our homes. Overproduction that dos not sell, or meet insane standards , is also dumped because of farmers cant or wont sell it for the price they need.The developed country's food waste is at all time high , while the rest of the world is starving. Sad but true :(

  • Garrett S.
    12/31/2017 00:31

    If you think you can get 50 randomly sampled people to agree to this you're on drugs let alone the world. Half the people aren't giving up processed food and about 20% aren't giving up on meat or the meat industry.

  • Aleesa R.
    12/30/2017 21:27

    Does anyone who makes these videos even know what hydroponics is? Probably not

  • Kassandra S.
    12/30/2017 19:21

    Except the farmland needed to grow protein rich crops is greater than the farmland needed to grow animals.

  • Christiann C.
    12/30/2017 15:12

    You can't just stop using chemicals and call it organic.....

  • Ariel T.
    12/30/2017 04:09

    Doubt it, it would only increase poverty. Matter of fact right now the world can't survive on organics only.

  • Peadar Ó.
    12/30/2017 00:39

    End capitalism feed the world

  • Connor S.
    12/29/2017 14:23

    You people don’t know at all how organic farming works.

  • Meryleen B.
    12/29/2017 02:43


  • Giulia L.
    12/28/2017 22:00

    Why are you even concerned with organic? The way food was coltivated so far was developed exactly in order to enhance productivity!

  • Ronda W.
    12/28/2017 21:13

    Oh, boy. You actually think we'll be here in 2050?

  • Sandra S.
    12/28/2017 19:22

    You can feed the whole world right now with the food we produce. The type of food isn't the issue, it's an economical decision

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