Indigenous Chef Teaches Traditional Cooking Techniques

This indigenous chef is teaching traditional cooking techniques to help Native American communities restore food sovereignty.

11/22/2018 2:01 PM
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  • Sal S.
    11/22/2018 15:35

    Cool. Teaching them to make Mexican Food.

  • Elma D.
    11/22/2018 17:20

    So good😋😋😋

  • Saúl C.
    11/22/2018 18:31

    Learn how to pronounce nopales tho 😂

  • Kaylee N.
    11/23/2018 02:56

    Nopales are really delicious. I grew up eating them. They aren’t a part of my traditional culture, but were readily available in the community I grew up in. This makes me want to go home just so I can eat them again!

  • Ramon M.
    11/23/2018 06:25

    We are Mexican indigenous we are the same people native people from the USA the Aztecs and hopis are related Nahuatl it’s my first language before Spanish language

  • Tiyanna F.
    11/23/2018 11:09

    the pic looks like elva sooh 😂

  • Brian O.
    11/23/2018 12:54


  • Luz B.
    11/23/2018 15:40


  • Martha P.
    11/23/2018 17:36

    We grew up eating nopalitos and we were never told it was a “poor peoples food.” I still eat them to this day!

  • Brut
    11/24/2018 03:43

    This Haitian Chef is serving up delicious food with a side of culture.

  • Frankie P.
    11/24/2018 04:18

    hey hechale un ojo a esto!.

  • Tammy G.
    11/24/2018 16:59

    From what tree do those yellow flowers come.

  • Bunnii M.
    11/24/2018 19:27

    native american is an umbrella term (even though less expansive minds only understand it as being exceptional to North American indigenous groups) but with the wonderful advantage of having geographers showing illustrations of the world it’s clear to see Mexico is still part of the Americas. i don’t see how Mexico sets apart from the rest of the continent. “This indigenous chef is helping other indigenous communities restore food sovereignty” is a more intelligent title.

  • Lorena K.
    11/24/2018 19:45

    Yum! Just like Abuela would make them. And the flowers in the dishes 🥰🥰🥰

  • Sky S.
    11/24/2018 20:57

    The mole

  • Lindsey O.
    11/24/2018 21:12

    ! I see you! 😊 that’s awesome!!

  • Michelle M.
    11/24/2018 22:25

    made me think of you...

  • Carlos E.
    11/25/2018 03:55


  • Ron W.
    11/25/2018 04:36

    What the chefs name??? On this video

  • Katie L.
    11/25/2018 17:00

    Beautiful woman. “Eat the landscape and be incredibly proud of that. Reclaim.”