• J B.
    06/23/2017 15:03

    I want Kennedy to run for pres. In 2020.

  • Norman M.
    06/23/2017 15:54

    where and what were you doing in the Last 30 years especially when the Democrats were in power

  • Emilio V.
    06/23/2017 18:12

    All you bums that think this is ok. Need to leave our country.. You are a disgrace to this great land that got annexed from the previous residents..

  • Jimmy C.
    06/23/2017 18:14

    I have a feeling this guy might be President some day.

  • Gj K.
    06/23/2017 18:19

    Another filthy corrupt Kennedy telling lies. Its in the Kennedy DNA.

  • Desirae A.
    06/23/2017 18:42

    joe Kennedy 2020

  • Bill B.
    06/23/2017 19:39

    You mean like the aca that was put through in the middle of the night and had a majority vote of people that didn't want it? Pot always calling the kettle black.

  • Temam A.
    06/23/2017 20:30

    Good lecture for trump

  • Rafael R.
    06/23/2017 21:27

    I'm sad to be an American.

  • Diana H.
    06/23/2017 22:23

    Look any one who has any comon sence know that man is dangerous to the amercan people

  • Diana H.
    06/23/2017 22:24

    Run for president we will vote again after they go to jail

  • Eduardo G.
    06/23/2017 22:45

    Kennedy for president 2020

  • Chifaline A.
    06/23/2017 22:57

    I see a future President speaking.

  • Alfred G.
    06/23/2017 23:54

    BULLSHIT! you pass OBAMACARE in the middle of the night and you had to pass it to see what was in it so STFU!!!!!

  • Shane P.
    06/24/2017 00:49

    joe Kennedy 2020

  • David A.
    06/24/2017 00:51

    Maybe learn to memorize a speach... and not stare at your podium, agree with the message... but when you need to read it from your paper (eye to mouth)... it lacks sincerity...

  • Wanda M.
    06/24/2017 01:25

    The next POTHUS...he's got my support!❤️🇺🇸✊🏽🙏🏾

  • Reiin R.
    06/24/2017 01:41

    Obamacare is dangerous to my bank account.

  • Nick B.
    06/24/2017 01:45

    Hopefully he runs for President some day.

  • Elizabeth C.
    06/24/2017 01:57

    Kennedy 2020