• Tyler C.
    07/11/2017 13:35


  • Cheryl H.
    07/10/2017 23:54

    Sick people. God sees and knows. A real heartbreaking thing to be done to a INNOCENT child.

  • Siew L.
    07/10/2017 13:03

    Is this a joke?

  • Ben L.
    07/10/2017 00:48

    Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong in so many ways just wrong

  • Matthew M.
    07/09/2017 21:07

    This is stupid!

  • Edwina L.
    07/09/2017 20:11

    Unnecessary action on the part of this parent.

  • Sarah L.
    07/09/2017 17:39

    Or just go by what the sex of the child is and as they grow, allow them to figure out whats up for themselves as they grow up by not forcing anything on them. I swear, sjws are regressing even faster.

  • Ryan P.
    07/09/2017 13:53

    All these whiny attention seeking pussies need to be rounded up and shipped to an island. No one Fucking cares if your gender on your ID makes you uncomfortable. These people are more fragile than tissue paper.

  • Janely M.
    07/09/2017 13:04

    I'm tired.

  • Anna H.
    07/09/2017 11:34


  • Nicholas S.
    07/09/2017 07:29

    Gay people like your DNA is your sex you can't change that you do that your not a man your a guy that likes men in dress up but if your cut your dick off then you should be able to change your gender it something you can show .

  • Bri L.
    07/09/2017 05:29

    Ok this "LGBT" thing is becoming a trend instead of a real thing. This is like the 2006 tattoo trend and all of the sudden everyone wanted ink and now everyone wants to be gay or make something female/male illegal. This needs to stop! 😑

  • Sarah A.
    07/09/2017 03:56

    Meanwhile there's other problems to worry about that are more serious than this kind of bullshit, I swear people becoming more self-centered

  • Stephanie W.
    07/09/2017 03:38

    This is fucking stupid. You can't change your fucking biology. Jesus. The fact that our government even allows it further proves how fucking stupid humans are. These dumbass millennials and their whiney bitch ass selves need to LEAVE and start a new world order somewhere else.

  • Dee G.
    07/09/2017 02:19

    Lmao woman stay confused.....

  • Beca L.
    07/09/2017 02:07


  • Danielle M.
    07/09/2017 01:45

    This is ridiculous...so you are going to refer to your one child as them??? Im so confused.... It sounds stupid. Y cant you assign them the gender they are and then if they decide otherwise it can be changed.

  • Matthew Z.
    07/09/2017 01:34


  • Cuzzin K.
    07/09/2017 01:21

    Either ur male or female there's no other gender tf is wrong with ppl

  • Robbie S.
    07/09/2017 00:33


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