• Rachel B.
    07/08/2017 00:03

    this is teally messed up and is very hipster. Like latte.

  • Geri A.
    07/08/2017 00:13

    Hey genius- your baby's gender was determined at the moment of conception. See, there's this thing called DNA and the X and Y chomosome...

  • Jenni N.
    07/08/2017 00:14

    So sad 😢

  • Kathleen S.
    07/08/2017 00:19

    what friggin' idiots ....

  • Declan G.
    07/08/2017 00:20

    I'm not gonna fight for trans rights or anything, but why not? Why not allow it? What's the harm?

  • Jesse D.
    07/08/2017 00:22

    this is fucking pathetic and disgusting

  • Ed R.
    07/08/2017 00:25


  • Bobby S.
    07/08/2017 00:34

    Poor kid

  • Adav Z.
    07/08/2017 00:36

    People that say what harm is there if we just let this get out of hand. If we encourage this mental disorder it will only turn into a bigger problem. If you can't cope with the gender that you are, Biologically, what's going to happen to the other mental disorders. Like Transable or Transpecies, Transaged etc (look in to those it's crazy). Just think of the repercussions. Grown men identifying as little boys ugh.A baby genderless? Jajaja wth are you kidding me!!! Poor child. Some kids are born to bad families I get it... but why add to the dilemma. Have Morals and common sense! I believe in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior so I go by his word. But if you don't believe in him have common sense it's simple!!! Boy, girl. Penis, vagina. Both make babies two guys or two girls can't.By the way the non gender idol Satanist ADOR is the baphomet. You don believe in God but the Devil does.

  • Bri E.
    07/08/2017 00:37

    I can understand this all the way. But I'm hoping more do it so that it becomes a norm. Bc this is so big if we can just look at ourselves at human.

  • Deauquneice M.
    07/08/2017 00:40

    Dumb ass people

  • Amber R.
    07/08/2017 00:46

    yea gender is not sex lets just be clear about that.....

  • Roy N.
    07/08/2017 00:59

    Child protective Services needs to step in. and a good beating with a rubber hose would be in order too

  • Alberto E.
    07/08/2017 01:06

    Wtf is wrong with this world

  • Necole W.
    07/08/2017 01:08


  • Rahiem M.
    07/08/2017 01:13

    This is what's wrong with the world

  • Slayonce J.
    07/08/2017 01:14

    I will never understand how this works😩

  • Marie P.
    07/08/2017 01:16

    A whole human what the f*** is the world coming to even animals know that they have different sex like why do humans always trying to create some new species or New Creation or something

  • Brian B.
    07/08/2017 01:20

    So they're just gonna let this mentally disturbed man raise a baby? Seems like a good idea...

  • Danielle G.
    07/08/2017 01:22

    I told you lol