Republicans against Trumpcare

"I don't think either party particularly cares about helping poor people." These Republicans are raising their voices against the Senate Trumpcare bill.

06/26/2017 5:41 PM


  • Pamela S.
    06/30/2017 13:03

    The Democratic party is a big disappointment. In the past they represented their constituents. Now they are as much corrupted by big money donations as the Republicans and only seem to represent their big donors.

  • Judy C.
    06/30/2017 05:07

    Democrats historically care for and look out for the well being of the poor. For Kasich to say that it's time for both Rep & Dems to work together is a cop out. Dems have been here all along. I feel that the definition of Democrat should actually be replaced by 'working class' - while the definition of Republican is now 'billionaires'. Let's start calling it like it is and perhaps this political divide that's happening won't be so wide! So....we now have the party of the Working Class & the party of the we seem to be closer together in our struggles than we are against.

  • Thomas M.
    06/27/2017 19:29

    I'm a center-right libertarian and as an observer from outside the two-party paradigm, I'm glad to see several republicans push back against Trump's brand of conservatism. They recognize that his voter base is substantially smaller (and subsequently less powerful) than the base for the various rank-and-file republicans. I legitimately believe Trump could easily get ousted in the 2020 primaries by a more conventional republican.

  • Jason F.
    06/27/2017 16:39

    So here's the kicker. It doesn't matter what health care Bill is existing if there is no budget to fund it. Lol.

  • Philipps R.
    06/27/2017 16:22

    Who is willing to fight for the poor and the homeless?

  • David P.
    06/27/2017 16:09

    Just let the misinformed know. The name is the Affordable Care Act Not Obama Care and we should get more support.

  • Pete F.
    06/27/2017 15:04

    This needs branded as Republicare! Always in the future reference to it as that!

  • Jason L.
    06/27/2017 15:00

    I don't believe them!!!

  • Jeremy O.
    06/27/2017 14:43

    Ten bucks says it'll passed signed by the very few in this video

  • John A.
    06/27/2017 14:35

    Most Democrats are silent because they want the Republicans to fail at this bill, so they want be reelected again in 2018.. Smart tactic, but at the people's expense.. Just shows both parties are for self....

  • Alan M.
    06/27/2017 14:23

    Just fix what doesn't work with obama care and stop trying to create a whole new bill. Their are good parts to obama care, just fix the bad parts. Trump can't because obama had it past while he was in office and people call it OBAMA care. His egos in the way.

  • Joel B.
    06/27/2017 13:42

    It was reported in today's Wisconsin State Journal that Johnson wants to slow down the process because the bill still includes the existing conditions piece. He wants that removed. He believes it's unfair that your existing condition raises insurance for others. M

  • John G.
    06/27/2017 13:39

    Kasich says crickets? Did he lock his office door these past few months?

  • Chris D.
    06/27/2017 13:15

    Just call it health care.....attaching some personal name to it is just plain unhealthy!

  • David S.
    06/27/2017 12:37

    Hey there are a few humans in there!

  • Webb Q.
    06/27/2017 12:08

    Aww stfu. You tried everything possible to fuk up Obama caring about poor people and moving in their favor. Now you got 45 wreaking havoc in there and you want some unity. Kiss ass and ride off on the horse you came in on. Pssshhh

  • Nate T.
    06/27/2017 11:39

    Amen if the Trump is inadvertently responsible for making the parties finally come together , God bless.

  • Cindy C.
    06/27/2017 09:32

    Bunch of idiots

  • Geri A.
    06/27/2017 06:59

    I'm a nurse and I take care of poor people all the time. They have better healthcare than I do BECAUSE THEY DON'T PAY A DIME FOR IT.

  • Timothy A.
    06/27/2017 06:34

    Its a damn shame that none of our ledders have the balls to to say i want my people to be healthy and get the help they need regardless of how much money they have or don't have.

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