Secret healthcare bill?

Republicans haven't let anyone see their healthcare bill yet. Are they just playing hide and...sick?

06/21/2017 12:00 AM
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  • Richard P.
    06/21/2017 20:16

    did you ask the same of the democrats when they said you had to pass it before you could find out whats in it??..or is the questioning just selective????

  • Suzanne E.
    06/21/2017 20:28

    Obummercare was passed in the middle of the nite. On a Holiday eve!

  • Gerald O.
    06/21/2017 20:33

    Maybe it will be like Obama's health care plan. Pass it so they can see what is in it. Woud this be very much different? Would any of the Democrats remember how Obama Care was passed? Did Nancy say "Let's pass this bill so we can see what is in it"?

  • Chase C.
    06/21/2017 20:50

    So the logic is since they did it we should do it? Why not be better?

  • William A.
    06/21/2017 20:55

    It will also affect all the people who voted for Donald Trump so that's the funniest part about the whole thing Trump supporters will be left without Health Care

  • Tom L.
    06/21/2017 21:49

    So you're in the establishment lies business too huh Brut? Sad when "alternative" media is nothing more than parrots for MSM. A lot of people have seen it. Dems are refusing to work in the process of passing the bill, refusing to look at it. So, yeah nice try. But a false Equivilancy; trying to compare what the Dems did with ObamaCare with what the Repubs are doing with their healthcare bill. P.S. You dont want the government in charge of your healthcare/insurance. Just sayin

  • Ralph L.
    06/21/2017 22:16

    Bend over Bernie- it's the Pelosi method

  • Brandon W.
    06/21/2017 22:26

    Bunch of cry baby ass D's upset that the same tactics are being used against them??

  • Brian C.
    06/21/2017 22:46

    The logic is why is everyone outraged when Republicans do it this way when democrats did the same. Obamacare effected millions of people negatively. I don't agree with this healthcare bill because I wanted a complete repeal with a market that forces healthcare companies to cater to consumers rather than garanteed customers with no competition in the market. This is why companies like Etna and others got out of Obamacare.

  • Dennis T.
    06/21/2017 22:55

    No-one saw the last one either.Remember, I Quote "We must sign this before we read it". ( Nancy Pelosi )

  • Burgess M.
    06/21/2017 23:29

    I don't think that vicepresidente should vote.

  • Steve W.
    06/22/2017 00:05

    So how many insurance companies are left standing and what happens when the last insurance company says, we're done losing money !

  • Farley T.
    06/22/2017 00:08

    Why is this government so confusing

  • Brian C.
    06/22/2017 00:12

    Obamacare was passed behind closed doors in the middle of the night on a holiday! Millions of Americans lost their plans, doctor's and the healthcare they needed. Again I I'll say I do not like this bill. It should've been completely repealed not Obamacare lite.

  • Trisha S.
    06/22/2017 01:16

    What's scary is pre existing conditikns! That's what's scary! That's the difference.

  • Tami D.
    06/22/2017 01:23

    A majority of his supporters are on Obamacare. I say let it pass. His supporters don't care that he's an embarrassment to our country. Maybe they'll care when he takes away their healthcare.

  • Tyrell M.
    06/22/2017 01:34

    If only there was a balance. Something in between. Competition is needed, but people need healthcare as well.

  • Trenton C.
    06/22/2017 01:38

    New health care bill: universal healthcare!! Make it a real thing in America.

  • Brian L.
    06/22/2017 01:46

    and yet no democrat admits to how evil obamacare is and the problems it has caused. millions did lose their plan and rates skyrocketed when promised it would go down . why do they refuse to address this ?

  • Ray C.
    06/22/2017 01:58