Sen. Rand Paul on socialized health care

Senator Rand Paul made a surprisingly convincing argument for socialized health care. You might forget that he's actually against it!

07/28/2017 4:42 PM
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  • Nevin S.
    07/28/2017 22:40

    You people are being lied to by fake media

  • Scott F.
    07/29/2017 00:38

    Sanders / Rand 2020 ;)

  • Dylan P.
    07/29/2017 02:41

    Hes talking about group insurances that already do this. This isnt socialized health care. Its just expanding on a system thats already in place....

  • Rich M.
    07/31/2017 10:12

    But yet there against workers unions

  • Joe W.
    07/31/2017 10:42

    Collective bargaining.....UNIONS ....make America great again......

  • Matt R.
    07/31/2017 10:45


  • Keavin K.
    07/31/2017 10:48

    So being part of a union is good? This is the same party that looks to strip unions of bargaining power. If every American were part of a "union" to buy health insurance, we would have ENORMOUS bargaining power to negotiate prices and coverages. It's not like the insurers could go elsewhere or the pharmaceutical companies could find another market of 350 million customers to rob blind while their government turns it's back.

  • Benjamin M.
    07/31/2017 10:59


  • Michael T.
    07/31/2017 11:12

    That's the ACA/Marketplace... idiot.

  • P.J. M.
    07/31/2017 11:32

    Sometimes your brain and your mouth just don't communicate with each other.

  • Marc H.
    07/31/2017 11:59

    Yea I saw what he voted for last week. Never will vote for him again.

  • Matthew V.
    07/31/2017 12:44

    It's only bad when you call it government

  • Brandon R.
    07/31/2017 13:01

    So you're saying a collective group has more weight and thus more pull and control over pricing and regulation, leading to better coverage per individual? Hmm, sounds like unions. I bet that would be a great thing to try with things like healthcare. What a concept, lol.

  • Bryan S.
    07/31/2017 13:47

    A republican arguing in favor of unions.....

  • Anthony V.
    07/31/2017 13:48

    Why don't we all just call for politicians to have the same health care as us? Hmmm maybe that would fix the problem instead of have people constantly beating a dead horse on social media... just a thought 😏

  • William M.
    07/31/2017 13:49

    More accurately, he's against government being the single payer. He's for the association he mentioned acting independently of the government and negotiating insurance prices.

  • Satchi H.
    07/31/2017 14:05

    Rand Paul is a joke.

  • Michael D.
    07/31/2017 14:22

    Omg Republicans are so dumb

  • Kerry M.
    07/31/2017 14:28

    Rand Paul doesn t know what he stands for. He is just crazy and joke. He just talks to talk. He is constantly contradicting himself. His own party doesn't even take him serious and he wants so bad to fit in with the "cool kids." Another joke/jerk from Kentucky.

  • Nick C.
    07/31/2017 14:37

    It only works because there are many groups, if there were one group only they would lose their bargaining power as there would be no competition