What Ultra-Processed Foods Do to Your Body

Why are we surrounded by so many ultra-processed foods — and what are they doing to our bodies? Endocrinologist Robert Lustig MD breaks it down. ❤️🧠

Ultra-processed Food Impacts Our Health

More than half of the calories Americans consume comes from ultra-processed foods. These foods can increase risk of heart and brain diseases according to a recent study by BMJ. Processed food is high sugar, low fiber. High sugar for palate ability. Low fiber for shelf life. when you're consuming processed food, the sugars, the glucose, the fructose, the sucrose, the digested starch gets absorbed in the first part of the intestine very rapidly and goes straight to the liver. Liver gets overwhelmed. And it has no choice but to take the excess energy and turn it into fat. When your liver turns energy into fat that's when disease starts. That's what causes chronic metabolic disease such as type 2 diabetes, heart diseases, fatty liver disease, polycystic ovarian disease, cancer. Fiber prevents that. So, when you consume real food you are protecting your liver and feeding your gut. Endocrinologist Robert Lustig explains the effect of ultra-processed foods on our body. Because of its lack of fiber, processed food can disturb our intestines and colon.

In the 1960s women were going back to work. And the problem was: cooking takes a while. After WWII, processed food started filling U.S. supermarkets based on data from NWHM. Breakfast cereal companies started making foods that were easy to buy, easy to pour, live on a shelf virtually —unlimited shelf life. They took off like wildfire. And it's very clear why. Number 1: they were cheap. Number 2: they were subsidized. Number 3, they are considered to this day delicious. If there's added sugar, it's been processed. If the dietary fiber is lower than 5 grams, it's also been processed. Cooking does not take that long. What takes the most time is deciding what you're going to have for dinner and then going to the store to shop for it.

According to Lustig, avoiding processed food is simple: you must cook.


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    "Pleasure is short-lived, happiness is long-lived." Dr. Robert Lustig explains why guilty pleasures such as sugar, social media, and video games are hurting our happiness in the long-run. 🙃8

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    my sister is just 11 years old and she can cook. I have been training her so that she doesn't have to rely much on processes foods.

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