What We Learned From the IPCC’s Alarming Agriculture Report

Farmland is becoming a critical resource — 500 million people are now living in areas that experience desertification. Here's what we now know from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s alarming new report. 🌎

08/09/2019 6:00 PMupdated: 08/06/2020 10:38 AM


  • Gregory D.
    08/31/2019 00:28

    These people will starve long before the climate collapses. Farmers care for the ground, because it is our livelihoods. Even when it would be cheaper to do nothing.

  • Jimmy C.
    08/30/2019 03:00

    We already know you people lie about everything pedal your BS Hoax else where we will keep our freedom

  • Kyle C.
    08/25/2019 13:22

    If the Government says "The Sky is Falling " some people would believe it. Lol always consider the source.

  • Jordan M.
    08/25/2019 06:34

    Why do people attack their food source? Farmers are expected to produce more food, on less acres, and when they use technology to help, such as GMOs, they only get attacked

  • Mike A.
    08/20/2019 19:07

    Ok quit eating and you'll make a great impact on the land

  • Randy L.
    08/19/2019 19:20

    Sorry folks but we have to have food!

  • Roger H.
    08/17/2019 12:34

    Where else are you going to get consumables humans use to live? You cant order something from amazon unless its griwn, harvested,or invented Jmo?

  • Ted C.
    08/16/2019 22:18

    So i guess we should cut back on the food rite

  • Colby O.
    08/16/2019 20:48

    And yet we still keep building subdivisions and industry in our farm grounds in the west, government needs their money

  • Gerald N.
    08/12/2019 01:39

    Guess the don't know anything about farming rotation of crops how the integrity of the soil is replace by using manure etc etc

  • Gary W.
    08/11/2019 02:55

    Plant trees!

  • Gérson N.
    08/10/2019 14:05

    No comment

  • Don H.
    08/10/2019 12:40

    The only solution is to make dying more popular than having sexual relations 🤫

  • Michael A.
    08/10/2019 10:46

    Reducing meat consumption? And replace with I assume arable crops? No one realise that animals (mainly the droppings) are essential to maintaining proper soil health? The only way forwards is sustainable mixed agriculture.

  • Lydell G.
    08/10/2019 03:49

    We need to plant a billion trees all around the world. Trees are the only living organisms that can absorb carbon and so fight climate change

  • Matt L.
    08/09/2019 22:31

    Is the ocean wilderness and or is it part of 28%?

  • Bobby B.
    08/09/2019 20:10

    Plant trees

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