Why horseshoe crabs blood is so expensive

Their blood is blue and its worth money. A lot of it. 💸 Meet the horseshoe crabs.

09/10/2018 5:33 PMupdated: 06/26/2019 1:54 PM
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  • Troy W.
    09/10/2018 17:38

    Keep this money grab up and they'll be gone greedy fuckers.

  • Спас Я.
    09/10/2018 17:48

    The true story of Vaccines.

  • Daniel B.
    09/10/2018 17:56

    More human interference with nature... We are a virus. Greedy and selfish....

  • Kade R.
    09/10/2018 18:12

    Bit stupid posting that then isn’t it now youl have more dick Ed’s after them .....mong

  • Maria K.
    09/10/2018 20:06

    I continue to be surprised....

  • Va N.
    09/10/2018 21:18

    We are awful awful creatures!!!

  • Ilja B.
    09/10/2018 21:19

    This animal has been on Earth for fricking 445 million years, back when Earth still had only 1 supercontinent (Pangea) and way before the super fauna dinosaurs started to exist. We humans have been there around 5 million years and we manage to almost wipe out the species in what... 30 years time or something? We really are greedy and selfish and I honestly feel more and more ashamed to be human.

  • Marian T.
    09/10/2018 22:29

    Tuna so big they are worth thousands. Terrible. Poor fish are cruelly caught and served ceviche,. and in any other way deemed good taste, quickly seared, red raw inside, other end of the scale, tinned, so common. Poor buggers, victims of their own success as a species.

  • Marian T.
    09/10/2018 22:31

    These tv chef programmes need to get real, take account of environmental and ecological matters, they are blind to it all.

  • Ruth C.
    09/10/2018 23:45

    What-the-hell... That's horrible!

  • Devan S.
    09/11/2018 02:03

    the plight of the horseshoe crab :(

  • Rap R.
    09/11/2018 03:08

    There goes the Poachers and Greedy People! Nice Video you got there, you just promote it towards its extinction!

  • Musad K.
    09/11/2018 04:37

    What will the pharmaceutical co. do when it will be extincted

  • Saba Z.
    09/11/2018 05:17

    so ridiculous

  • Elliana B.
    09/11/2018 05:21

    400 millions ago?! And this is the one species you want extinguish?! Idk why cant we research on stem cell that go far beyond in writing off alot of killing diseases then this beautiful creature🌊 shame on you Delaware for decreasing this population by 75 % or more after the filming of this..

  • Dime I.
    09/11/2018 06:39

    Stop making profit out of nature you sick stupid shit fucks

  • Bonnie M.
    09/11/2018 06:58

    :( :( Thats horrible.

  • April D.
    09/11/2018 10:14

    Its like the horseshoe crab is being abducted by aliens for experimentation.

  • Johnny B.
    09/11/2018 10:41

    its delicious 😂😂

  • Patrick L.
    09/11/2018 10:41

    Tiarnan Dickson