• Sudip D.
    09/04/2017 09:27

    The money they make from fur is not worth the foxes are suffering for.

  • Scovia A.
    09/04/2017 09:38

    This is cruel and inhumane to animals. Just imagine if you were to be in the shoes of this animal even for a day.

  • Rakesh K.
    09/04/2017 09:45

    Fuck these people and let them overeat and take out there skin

  • Laurel G.
    09/04/2017 09:50

    this is such a cruelty :( 💔👿

  • Praachi S.
    09/04/2017 10:06

    How cruel

  • Katrina B.
    09/04/2017 10:12

    Got to be some different kind of stupid to wear fur!!! We're not cave people any more ffs

  • Eliza G.
    09/04/2017 10:22

    I'm so Annoyed

  • Jason B.
    09/04/2017 10:30

    That's fucked

  • Charlene T.
    09/04/2017 10:45

    Disgusting so angry.

  • Maria M.
    09/04/2017 10:46

    It's so cruel, like watching a horror movie that you know is a devastating reality. Why is it that humanity has gotten so lost? All life deserves a decent chance at life and it's shameful that we, the intelligent species, are the most destructive one!😔😳😡

  • Melanie S.
    09/04/2017 10:52


  • Lau K.
    09/04/2017 10:57

    Luckily not done by Chinese.

  • Renée v.
    09/04/2017 11:18

    That is so cruel!

  • Tai R.
    09/04/2017 11:19

    Shame on you Finland!!

  • Julia N.
    09/04/2017 11:28

    Poor baby Wicked, Vile people Stick them in a bloody cage

  • Kaarina P.
    09/04/2017 11:43

    It is shameful! Politicians have been arguing years to stop or not the fox farming. Now the Greens are the second biggest party, so hopefully looking for the next election if they will be doing better decisions!

  • Adam D.
    09/04/2017 12:14

    Petition link anyone?

  • Sanne V.
    09/04/2017 12:34

    Makes me sooooooo damn angryyy 😡😠😡😠

  • Ryan Y.
    09/04/2017 12:43

    Know where your products come from. I bet more than half you shop at big box stores and support child labor.

  • Deirdre M.
    09/04/2017 13:10

    is this true?