#TBT: The resurgence of electric cars

When the electric car was the future back in 1894. #tbt

Haven’t seen this before? It’s been on the road since 1942.

For cities, electric traction certainly owes its advantage to its cleanliness and practicality, since all items, all household appliances, are now electric. The beginnings of the electric car coincide with those of automotive history. The first one was the Jeantaud in 1894. There were also special designs, like Grand Duke Nicholas’, then utilitarian vehicles, and driving schools for Parisian taxi drivers among others.

Why did the production of electric cars start to decrease and lack popularity in the 20th century? There were several reasons, but it is believed that the main one was that it wasn’t manly enough. The owner of a car in 1900 is the same kind who, today, has a Ferrari, Maserati or Lamborghini. A car was something manly, something to get around in and impress people with. An electric car was silent, it was calm, while a gasoline-powered car made noise, smelled bad and the “male” had to start it with a crank.

For the time being, each of us is familiar with these long lines of cars that are too long, too empty, inappropriate for city traffic. And yet, without being too unrealistic, we can hope that, the electric car will soon provide a solution to all this. Manufactured on a large scale, it could become the ideal second car.


01/30/2020 3:25 PM


  • Carole M.
    01/01/2022 22:41


  • David G.
    12/05/2021 21:12

    So what happens when the battery runs out in a snow storm. Hmmmm ,[email protected]#$%^&(*)

  • Ricx R.
    12/04/2021 08:26

    Our government will not support this,,they always tell us about how to protect our environment but they not tolerate electric powered cars. They not support Philippine inventor used water as a fuel to the engine too. Because many big petroleum companies will closed. Mother earth still waving..

  • Maria R.
    12/02/2021 23:19

    mira!! Al final aparece el tito jaja

  • Wild S.
    12/02/2021 00:16

    We r slaves. Slaves. Nothing more than slaves.. of things of others .. slaves of amount of the things in the order n amount of the owner of the world want to release for us.. money.. tecnology.. eletricity.. water.. health.. food.. lies and more

  • Dávid J.
    12/01/2021 11:00

    Still nobody wants...

  • Bivash M.
    12/01/2021 09:02

    Back in future.

  • Kurt H.
    12/01/2021 01:04

    Great job 👏

  • Michel C.
    11/30/2021 17:09

    La vraie vérité, sais pas la virilité et grondement, voitures qui pu 🤦.ses l'approvisionnement en électricité rurale !!!

  • Mohd A.
    11/30/2021 16:48

    So Electric vehicle is a old innovative....ideas.

  • Pieter B.
    11/30/2021 16:19

    🤦🏼‍♂️ en nou moeten we er allemaal 🤣😂 ouwe techniek 😜

  • Badrul H.
    11/30/2021 14:05


  • Ian J.
    11/30/2021 10:10

    What happened to the little Ford?

  • Suresh R.
    11/30/2021 05:27

    Electric motives are first of all affordable to one and all. The only common sense one has to take is that; producing electricity for its use individually, indigenously and locally at affordable cost!

  • Kristine P.
    11/28/2021 18:38


  • Krysan P.
    11/28/2021 15:15

    so we could've had powerful advanced electric cars as far as the last century if not for toxic masculinity that being loud and dirty is manly? sounds about right..

  • Susanne S.
    11/28/2021 06:49

    Because of the missing good accumulators, it still was "The Future", back than !

  • Luther K.
    11/27/2021 17:28

    This why I don't trust world leaders when comes to talk about climate change.

  • Janis V.
    11/27/2021 16:16

    Electric cars were suppressed by the big oil companies, because encouraging gas powered cars were to their advantage.

  • Tomas A.
    11/26/2021 11:18

    electric cars looked more amazing back then

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